Incognito. Simple ingenuity

Protection and respect for your body

Incognito is a line of products that offer you all the protection and comfort you need, free of irritants and unnecessary extras.

Feminine hygiene products are central to women's lives. As such, we attach great importance to the quality of our products.

Few women are aware that many sanitary pads are designed with dyes and perfumes that are high in volatile organic compounds, thereby increasing the risk of irritation and allergy. Many tampons shed fibres, which can stay in your body even after the tampon is removed. 

At Incognito®, we believe in body-friendly products.


Our products are made by women for women to best respond to your needs. All pads are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. All tampons are designed with a protective veil that holds fibres in place and prevents residue from remaining in your body.

Our products have no dyes or fragrances; they’re designed to respect your bodies: pure protection nothing added.

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Protection and respect for your body.
That's the Incognito® promise.