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My little self-care survival guide

February 15th, 2018

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We’re hearing more and more about loving yourself, AKA “self-care”. That’s fine, but I admit I’m a bit whatever when it comes to the “self-care” movement.  In theory, I really agree with the idea of thinking more about myself as making my well-being a new priority…

However, in practice, I kind of have the impression that we’re headed, without meaning to, down the opposite road. Let me explain… So, according to the articles I read on social media, we should:

- Accept our body as it is AND ALSO do yoga every day + track our steps using a pedometer because, after all, the new acceptable daily standard is 10,000 steps minimum.
- EVERY NIGHT: take a hot bath, read a good book, meditate and practice positive thinking
- Gaze at yourself in the mirror and appreciate yourself WHILE applying just the right amount of makeup to still feel natural.

Don’t you think that’s all just a little contradictory? A kind of unattainable ideal that makes us feel even more inadequate perhaps? These days, I admit I have a little trouble with these simple recipes for happiness, self-acceptance or even professional success that many seem to be dishing out. Since when does a one-size-fits-all formula work? 

Personally, my own little self-care moment involves my glass of wine when I’m preparing dinner. My recipe for success? It’s to NOT look at my emails after 9:00 p.m. My acceptance tip? It’s my under-eye concealer, which I re-apply up to three times during the day.

What does this all mean? We experience enough pressure as it is. It's good and all to love yourself, but we all know that! But there’s no magic formula...it’s up to each one of us to find our formula to feel good and love ourselves.

Small pleasures, from me to me

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