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Christmas shopping: 4 wishlists our boyfriends need to have!

November 26th, 2015

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When it comes to Christmas gifts, guys often need a little... okay, maybe more than just a little... inspiration! To put an end to receiving yet another Stabucks gift card or Jukari Fit to Fly classes (what the...?!), I have prepared four wishlists for all types of girls. All you need to do is print out this article or happen to leave your computer on, with this page open... and you do what it takes to make sure your guy just "happens" to see it! ;)

#1 – The workaholic

You know the type... She downs her breakfast in the metro, eats her lunch at her desk, scarfs her dinner on her bus ride home… and there you have it, the girl who works ALL THE TIME! A nice leather computer bag (like one of these) is probably one of the best gifts you can give her!



#2 – The globetrotter

This one takes the plane more often than the car? Really? Make her life a little easier with these gift ideas! To give her a little inspiration for her trips down the road - or in the skies - the book "Ultimate Adventures" (from the Lonely Planet series), couldn't be more perfect! And of course, if your budget permits, a little weekend getaway to New York would be right up her alley!



#3 – Miss GO-GO-GO!!!

She finishes working, makes dinner, does the dishes, does her 30 minutes of exercise, makes her lunch for the next day… basically, she doesn't take a moment to breathe. These gift ideas will help her to decompress a little! A pretty, oh-so-soft one piece, a cute high-quality yoga mat, attractive scented candles, luscious products for the ultimate bubble bath to sink into at the end of the day… how can she not float away after all that? 



#4 – The girl with the chef hat

She loves to cook, whether it's for one or for a lively party of ten, and publishes all these dishes on Instagram? You know the type:) Add a little sugar and spice to her life with adorable kitchen-related  gear like this apron and these placemats! A new cookbook will also go a long way! ;) 



Tell me, what is your favourite wishlist

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