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Bachelorette Party: 10 Awkward Moments

June 21st, 2016

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Summer is THE season for weddings! And with a wedding comes, of course, the age-old bachelorette party; probably one of the best reasons to get married, in my opinion! ;) I already have a few girlfriends who have gotten hitched and I can swear to you that every bachelorette party is one-of-a-kind… and with all the booze flowing during the evening, let’s just say that things can happen. Sky’s the limit! Here are 10 mega-awkward situations that you don’t want to go through. Believe me!

1—A stripper… a tad – or a Chad! – too sexy

Who out there hasn’t ever been lucky enough (NOT!!!) to have had a surprise stripper for a birthday or bachelorette party?! I’m warning you, it’s often really embarrassing and nothing at all like in the movies in which all the girls shriek and the guys dance around like Channing Tatum. Most of the time, the dancers “dance” – if you can call that dancing – much too sexually around or on the girls and it generally creates a MEGA uneasiness throughout the group. :P

2—A bride-to-be who’s had a few too many

Usually the booze starts early in the day for bachelorette parties (Hello Mimosas!!). Imagine the bride-to-be who drinks too much during the day and is a stumbling mess by… 7:00 p.m. Let’s just say it kind of puts a damper on the party! :P

3—A broken tooth or other body part

True story: we were celebrating the bride-to-be and when taking a gulp of beer, she cracked her tooth on the bottle. And the funniest part? Her wedding was the week after!

4—A nervous bride-to-be

Sometimes with alcohol, we tend to get a little emotional. Imagine the bride-to-be who breaks down in a pool of tears and confesses that she no longer wants to marry the guy. How are we supposed to react in such a situation when we ourselves don’t like the guy? Admit to her that she should end her relationship right then and there or console her and tell her that everything’s going to be alright? Given my personality and alcohol, I think it would be option #1. :P

5—A girlfriend of the bride-to-be a bit too close to the future husband (my head hurts just thinking about it! P)

At bachelorette parties, you often have many different groups of girls who come together, even clash. And let’s admit, the hot topic on just about everyone’s lips is sex! And it seems to me that it would be the worst time for the bride-to-be to find out that her future hubby already slept with that cool friend that we’re secretly jealous of. AWKWARD!

6—A quiz to find out how well (or not!) the bride and groom know each other

One idea for a bachelorette party: a trivia game about the future husband and wife. You ask each member of the couple questions separately and afterwards, you compare the answers… and then you sincerely hope they have almost all the right answers. If not, let’s just say that a few feathers could be ruffled!

7—A professional humiliation

Another true story: we dressed up the bride-to-be in a sexy bunny costume and she had to sell carrots to people in the street (hahahaha!!). Two things happened: the bride-to-be (while in her Playboy bunny get-up) ran into her boss AND the police warned her that she was not authorized to solicit people for purposes of selling things. LOL.

8—A night a the club to remember

We all know that a group of girls partying it up in a club can get out of control – fast. If you decide to go to a nightclub for a bride-to-be’s stagette, make sure you don’t leave the club for any reason whatsoever! Just imagine: the bouncers throwing you over their shoulders, panties in full view, no time to run to the coat check… It does make for some pretty interesting memories though! ;)

9—An enemy waitress

I think this is the worst scenario that could arise. The bride-to-be’s ex is the waitress at this party. Especially when alcohol is involved. If this happens, you immediately forget that conversation about the penis size of the future groom! :P

10—A bride-to-be much too close to the guests

I’m not judging couples with open relationships BUT we know that bachelorette parties tend to revolve around the same topic: you guessed it, SEX. You just have to make sure that the bride-to-be of the night doesn’t make out with anything that moves in the street and in the club, because she’ll may a few regrets the next day!

So how do you imagine your dream bachelorette party?

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