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6 Springtime Inspirations to Chase Away the Winter

March 5th, 2015

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The end of winter is probably the most difficult time of the year!  I simply CANNNOT deal with this anymore!  It takes me 15 minutes to get dressed every time I want to set foot outdoors: a hat, sweater, and two layers of pants, coat, boots and mittens.  It’s depressing.  And you’re probably feeling the same way that I am!  In an effort to chase away the winter blues and infuse a little bit of sunshine into your day – a small token of hope! ;) – I will share with you sources of inspiration that remind me that spring is not far away! 

1. An Energizing Playlist

Whether I’m doing homework, cleaning the house or surfing the net, this playlist is perfect for giving me that little boost of energy necessary for my day, in the same way that sipping a sangria on a terrace does a body good!

2. A Pinterest Account that Will Make You Jealous

Kinfolk magazine’s Pinterest account is what dreams are made of. It's not complicated, EVERYTHING is beautiful. I often loose myself for several minutes (OK, dozens of minutes) because it gives me lots of ideas for my décor – just looking at the pictures relaxes me.  It’s not surprising that the magazine encourages slow living (living in the present moment).

3. A Instagram Account for Realists

I LOVE Alda Women’s Instagram account. Alda Women is an association of models who advocate for changes to feminine standards of beauty. It's refreshing to see images of women in all shapes and sizes! What a great way to raise self-confidence for bikini season!  What’s more, the beautiful Ashley Graham – who I adore – is part of this association. 

4. An Awesome Magazine

There’s a craze for everything related to food, and the Montréal magazine Rutabaga is listening. In addition to mouth-watering recipes, their lifestyle photography is beautiful. You will be inspired by the décor and clothing as much as by the food! A 3-in-1 magazine! Well done, Rutabaga! 

5. A Festive Cookbook

The cookbook Forest Feast is just too cute! It is filled with richly textured, feminine, watercolour illustrations. What sets this cookbook apart from others is its ultra simple vegan recipes (there is no need for millions of obscure ingredients). If you do not want to buy the book, take a look at their website! There are lots of easy to prepare recipes for meals and drinks that will inspire you for spring! 

6. A Web site All About Beauty

This is my girly side coming out! Byrdie blog is a beauty bible. To discover the latest trends, watch tutorials or to find out the verdict about certain products, it is “THE” blog that I visit! Come on girls, let’s break out our red coral lipstick and mint nail polish to welcome the spring in style! ;)

So girls, don’t give up. While waiting for warmer, sunnier days, arm yourself with these links to boost your spirits! 

Do you have other sources of inspiration for spring?

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