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5 Situations That Happen When your Period Is In Sync With Your Sis

August 31st, 2017

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Our sisters. Boy, do we love them! Between sisters, everything can be shared… even the menstrual cycle and that means the emotional ups and downs in sync with your sis! Here are five situations that you’ve probably experienced if you’ve been in sync with your sister (or roommate)! ;)

1—Rock’n’Roll Emotions

Every girl has their own special version of PMS, but for my sister and me, our experiences were very similar. And the symptom that came out the most? Hands down, the mood swings. Since we both had very strong characters, dinners could spiral downwards very quickly! #PoorParents

two sisters fighting

2—Flows a Little Too Similar

I can’t even count the number of times I woke up in blood-stained sheets – thank you dear vampire flow – and that I scrambled to wash my sheets… MEANWHILE my sister had already put hers in the wash because she had suffered from a vampire flow herself! Of course, she was also already in the shower! Not so cool to wait in your room, legs all bloody and another panty ruined! :(

woman shouting

3—Where Did my Feminine Protection Go?

You know when you’re on the toilet and you reach for a new pad… and there’s NONE LEFT because our sister took the last one without warning!! AHHHHH!! Last resort: toilet paper in the undies, hoping that it’s the three-ply, ultra-soft kind. :P

woman upset

4—Period Cramps – Twice as Brutal

When there are two sets of cramps at the same time and the last of the ibuprofen is gone and there was only one magic bag in the whole house. This is bad. Sound the alarm!

woman going crazy

5—Always Satisfying Cravings

One of the best parts of having your period in sync with your sister? Without a doubt, it’s having a partner in crime, always ready to indulge in our cravings right there with us! Feel like McDonalds at 11:00 p.m. in January… no problemo! ;)

selena gomez eating

Obviously, we regret it every time! :P

two women crying together

Fortunately, after these two wild roller coaster weeks, the minute our periods end, we go back to being BFFs… until the next period that is! ;)

What other situations would you add to this list?

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