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5 DIY Projects to Add Colour to Winter

February 12th, 2015

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Quebec winters can be VERY long: it's freezing, we have the appearance of the living dead with a greenish tinge to our skin (thank you lack of sunshine), and our greatest desire is to stay inside, wrapped in a warm blanket on our sofa.  We are all impatiently awaiting the arrival of spring!  Since I was unable to travel south this year, I decided to design a few inexpensive decorative pieces that add colour to my apartment.  These are extremely simple projects that appeal to beginners as well as girls who have decorated their entire home!  And the best part is that you can integrate all of these pieces into your current décor. ;)

1. Modern Art Style Picture Frames


An original project by Maxwell Tielman pour Design Sponge

I love this project!! Super easy, super beautiful ... and super cheap! The only thing you need is Washi Tape. You can find this type of adhesive tape at Omer DeSerres; or, alternatively, on Etsy.  Rolls cost about $3-4 each – not bad, eh?  Let this photograph act as inspiration as you get you started!  Some frames are more complex than others, but remember that this type of adhesive tape comes off easily.  My trick?  Trace the frame on the wall in pencil before you begin to provide points of reference.  

2. A Giant Moodboard


An original project by Rachel from the blog A Beautiful Mess

This giant moodboard is perfect to cover up an empty wall or enhance a gloomy corner of your little nest.  All you will need is a plank of any type of wood (available in all Rona, Home Depôt and Reno-Depot stores in the world), paint, a brush and adhesive tape to create shapes.  Prices vary depending on the size of your wooden board, but you can easily get away with spending fifty dollars to purchase everything.  Choose the colour, motifs and size to match the dimensions and décor of your home.  Why not create a motivational board that reflects your dreams and goals? Paste in images and words to give you encouragement and place it in full view. ;)

3. Pop Art Vases


An original project by Rachel from the blog The Crafted Life

Colourful vases are an excellent way to add life to a room.  I love this DIY project.  Super simple, all it requires is a clean glass container – I love those pickle or mason jars – and spray paint (this will cost about $10 at Rona).  It’s no more complicated than that!  A vase is always more beautiful with one or two flowers in it… an excellent way to motivate your sweetheart to warm up to you more often! *wink wink*.  As a slight alternative: use a hot glue gun to create texture and then paint the vase to achieve maximum effect!

4. Delicate Dishes


An original project by Gabrielle Blair for Babble

Brighten up your morning coffee or any other meal of the day with colourful dishes!  Choose white dishes – Dollarama is the perfect place to buy this type of item – and get yourself a porcelain felt pen of the desired colour (about $5).   After tracing your motifs, heat your dishes in the oven at 300˚F for 35 minutes.  If you do not have a porcelain felt pen, Sharpie pens also work! Voilà! 

5. An Elegant Hiding Place for Your Feminine Products


An original project by Natalie Stopka for Design Sponge

Our pad and tampon boxes are not always super accessible, especially when one is sitting on the toilet… you know what I mean? ;) To resolve this issue, I discovered these pretty boxes to hide our feminine products!  What’s more is that they add a touch of colour to a room without drawing too much attention to their presence. They are so cute and practical that you can leave them permanently on your toilet, or even use them to hide cosmetic cotton swabs and pads!  

If you are feeling creative and want to put yourself to work on DIY projects more often, I recommend the kit “Essentials” for beginners, which includes:

  •          a hot glue gun (about $10 dollars);
  •          lead pencils (about $2 per pencil);
  •          a good pair of scissors (about $5).

Once equipped with your basic kit, materials will vary according to each project!  Begin with simple projects so as not to feel discouraged and to prevent your projects from being posted amongst Pinterest fails! ;)

Which project do you want to try this winter?

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