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4 Outfits For Under $150? Challenge Accepted!

April 8th, 2015

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"Hello! My name is Gabi and I am a compulsive spender.

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Yes, my biggest fault - or my best quality, you be the judge - is that I buy too many clothes. So much so that if there was a support called " Compulsive Spenders Anonymous," I would attend all sessions. Sabrina and Zoe think that I’m exaggerating, but in truth I am unable to control myself. In addition, with spring upon us, I have to redo my ENTIRE wardrobe – can you imagine? They have therefore challenged me to put together four spring looks spending $150 max per outfit. With all accessories! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

The Comfy Office Kit For a Working Girl


Total: $ 147.99

I'm lucky that I don’t have strict dress code at my job. But I still like to dress stylishly and comfortably! The shirt and pants that I put together in this outfit are classic without being boring! This kit is perfect for people like me who sit all day at work. With these loose pants, say goodbye to the imprint that tight jeans embed in your skin at the end of the day! YEAH!

The Gym Kit to NOT Look Like Everyone Else


Total : $150.77

Everything is an excuse to shop for new clothes ... even the gym! Ok, this kit is slightly surpasses the $ 150 limit, but I had no choice – I fell in love with these tropical pants. I can’t see myself living with any other gym pants! I think I’ll even wear them in my day-to-day life, with an XXL blouse, jeans and nice pair of heels! ;)

The Comfortable, Loose Fitting Kit “à la mode”


Total : 134,79$

I like this kit because it is relaxed and understated with some pop elements: the mix of prints between the jacket and sweater, coral shoes with pineapples and wooden glasses is sensational. I imagine myself wearing this outfit while out shopping on a sunny Saturday afternoon! ;)

The Kit to Feel Hot, Hot, Hot For a Date


Total: $ 144.76

I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it! It is classic enough that I wear it for several different occasions, such as to work. To add a little life, I opted to accessorize with a hot pink handbag and red lipstick! In addition, the boots have a wide enough heel so as to be comfy all evening and walk like a supermodel! ;) So, no matter what sort of activity or type of guy you date, you will feel confident!

I have not yet finished my spring shopping, but this is a good start! ;)

What is Your Favourite Kit?

(Prices and items found on February 18th.)

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