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4 innovations that will make you want to have your period

August 4th, 2015

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Who likes it when it's that time of the month? That's right, no one!! Especially in the summer or before leaving on a trip: we agree that our period can put a damper on our lives (a little). Okay, I'm venting for the sake of venting because we're still treated very well in Canada compared to other countries that still see it as a curse. But sometimes I would still like to tell myself: "YEAH! I’ve got my period - Perfect!" I therefore came up with four innovations that would revolutionize the world of menstruation!                                                                      

Development #1 – A smart tampon

Who hasn't had the pleasure of going to the washroom at work or at school and telling yourself: "Next time I go to the washroom, I'm changing my tampon/pad" to end up forgetting to bring new protection for the next two trips to the little girls' room? Then we're always too lazy to go back right away so we wait until the next time we have to pee! Imagine a pad or a tampon connected to your cell phone that sends you a little message like: "In 10 minutes, you need to change your tampon!" This way, there's no chance of forgetting to bring a tampon the next time you go to the bathroom!

Development #2 – A special PMS pill

Really, when I have PMS, I don't feel. I'm really grouchy, I feel like eating junk food 24 hours a day, I think I'm fat and I have mega headaches… what a joy! I'd need a pill that would erase all these symptoms. We would take this pill at the onset of our PMS and the PMS special menu would be a thing of the past! ;) Since we could be waiting a while for this pill to be invented, there's always ice cream that understands us and supports us during this tough time of the month! ;)

Development #3 – A tampon gun

With this invention, we would no longer need those small brochures in boxes that explain how to insert a tampon – I remember reading it, like five times, to be sure I understood the procedure properly – or even trying not to end up with hands covered in blood (hello The Shining flow). I can picture it so well: this discreet little gun, adorned with many cute patterns, and that you could carry with you in your purse!  

Development #4 – A law respecting menstruation

That's my fantasy!! Imagine that once a month you're entitled to a day off, specifically for your period! Now that would be AMAZING! Of course, you'd have to give your menstrual calendar to your employer so people wouldn't take advantage, but I would be ready, just to be able to stay in my PJs on THE day when I have to change my tampon every hour - minimum (hello again The Shining flow)! ;) 

Okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away here, but if it can simplify our lives even more, when it's that time of the month, – on average, a woman will have her period 450 times!!! – I wouldn't say no! ;) 

Do you have other innovations to add to this list? 


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