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3 Period-Proof, Beach-Ready Outfits!

April 30th, 2015

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Being on your period always sucks, but at least in the winter we can seek comfort in oversized sweaters and sweatpants! In the summer, our wardrobe is much less forgiving! So, when faced with a spontaneous day at the beach when I’m on my period, I often feel like saying NO WAY! But, in order to enjoy summer as much as possible even when I’m on my period, I decided to prepare 3 swimsuit kits for each phase of the menstrual cycle! 

I feel hot, hot hot… like the summer heat! (AKA ovulation)

What’s better than a leopard-print bikini to make a girl feel hot?! This bikini oozes sexy without being too daring! With cat-eye glasses, this outfit will definitely make you feel as attractive as the beautiful Audrey Hepburn!

I’ve eaten pizza, chips and chocolate for 3 days (AKA PMS)

PMS can make us eat a lot of disgusting food without even realizing what we are doing! But, don’t ban your favourite period comfort foods for a day at the beach – wear a sarong and a high-waisted bikini!  This one comes from Mimi Hammer, a Montreal company that has AWESOME suits! Check out their 2015 collection here!

I would have stayed at home on the couch, but my friends forced me to go (AKA menstruation)

When on your period, you probably long for your couch, PJs and blanket! Choose a one-piece swimsuit with a beautiful tunic dress and voila, you will feel as comfy lying on the beach as you do in your PJs.  

Last tip: no matter what swimwear you choose - or what phase of your menstrual cycle – don’t forget to bring pads, tampons AND sunscreen in order to avoid a catastrophic “code red!” ;)

What’s your favourite kit?

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