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3 menstrual personalities… a little on the extreme side!

September 14th, 2015

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Every girl has a VERY different relationship with her period! The three Once Upon a Month bloggers each feel more or less at ease chatting about menstruation… it's like, when I start telling Gabi and Sabrina that I'm full of gas because of my period and they're disgusted. Well, let's just say that I am aware that I may be just a little bit too open – or perhaps disgusting?! – on this topic! :P

Are you like me or super embarrassed? Are you the girl always stuck without any protection on her or the girl who gets crazy with her mood swings? Discover quickly the following three menstrual personality types and tell me which one you most relate to!

The "Do I have a stain on my pants… do I… well?!?"

You know that girl who's like Niagara Falls every month?! You can't even blame her for being totally sick of her period because you feel for her! But never, and I say NEVER with a capital N would she dare wear light-coloured pants during her period. She has a drawer specifically for her stained undies - from period overflows that she manages to restain every month, even if she wears XXL pads with wings THROUGHOUT her period. Having gone through several tragic menstrual incidents, she has a real paranoia of having a blood stain on her rear in a public place. We're talkin' going to the municipal pool when she has her period is up there with an Olympic challenge! Basically, everything related to menstruation makes her extremely uncomfortable!  

The "Give me a break; I'm going through an intense time for the next two weeks"

This girl knows her premenstrual symptoms like the back of her hand. A week before her period start the emotional roller coaster and crazy appetite: temper rages, fits of laughter, tears, burgers, ice cream, sardines (?!)… Everything's going on. ALL her activities are organized around her period. For example, forget rainy-day Saturday shopping with the endless lineups: too risky that she's going to lose it on the woman who subtly tries to cut in line. The new rom-com playing in theatres? Too likely that she'll break down in tears, lamenting that she'll never find her prince charming! Basically, she uses the two other weeks of the months to rest up from her extreme emotions!  

The "I'm suffering so much, but it's no big deal because it's SO marvelous to be a woman"

We all have a friend who's a bit of a hippie and who’s a little too in touch with her emotions and her body! You know the type: menstruation is something natural so there's nothing to be ashamed of… Yes, but still in moderation!! :P She's not in the least bit embarrassed to describe her different daily flows at the worst times, like when you're about to enjoy a juicy, rare steak… GROSS! Nothing in the world will make her take something for the pain to calm her period cramps! She prefers to take care of herself through yoga and a special period menu! We know she's super green and we do NOT want to know what she does with her used pads! And no, pads can't be composted! :P

So there you have it. I need say no more! You will have clearly understood that I personally tend to talk about periods and clots! ;)

And what about you? Of these three menstrual personalities, which one do you relate to the most?

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