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20 Thoughts that Cross our Mind when our Period Is Late

September 6th, 2016

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When our period is late and we’re not yet ready to have a child – especially if we’re single – a number of things cross our mind… ;)

1-Hmmm, I’m a day late... but not enough to worry about it.

Olivia Wilde

2-Well ok, second day late, my god... I must be pregnant!!!!

Woman Screaming Game of Thrones

3-But wait, who’s the father?!?!

Sofia Vergara Confused Modern Family


Woman Confused Saturday Night Live

4-Not a big deal if I don’t find him; I’ll raise the child on my own. Don’t need a man to do the job. #GirlPower

Beyonce Flawless

5-Starting tomorrow, I’m taking matters into my own hands and I’m looking for a new house!

thumbs up unsure

6-Oh my god, how am I going to raise a child with only $1,000 of savings?

Kim Kardashian Ugly Face Crying

7-Now that I know I’m pregnant, that explains why I have the impression that my pants are tight… and it especially has nothing to do with the jar of Nutella I devoured yesterday!

Beyonce oups

8- That also explains why I lost it on my cat the other day! #hormones

Tyra Banks Crazy

9- Wait! Does that mean no sex for nine months?

Britney Spears Unsure Confused

10-Ok so if I’m in my first month, that means I’ll be giving birth next June, and that means saying good-bye to my trip to Vegas! Nooooo!

Emma Stone Screaming

11-Ok, be positive! One upside: I won’t get my period for the next nine months!

Raven Simone Smile

12-And I can eat as much as I want!

Emma Stone Yummy Hungry

13-Does it mean that I have to start eating fruits and veggies again and less pizza?!

Lauren Conrad Upset

14-Shiittt!! No more sushi and alcohol for nine months!

Woman Emotional Crying

15-But I’m going to have bigger boobs!

Sarah Jessica Parker Wink

16-I’m going to find out more about childbirth just to see… Ahhhhhh!! But what’s an episiotomy?!?

Emma Stone Upset Panicking

17-And lochia!?!?

Jennifer Lawrence Screaming Afraid

18-But how can a nine-pound baby come out of my hoo-ha?

Woman Afraid

19-And what if it’s twins??

Sarah Michelle Gellar

20-Thank god! I’ve never been so happy to see blood in my undies! Let’s celebrate!

Madonna Cheers

Hahaha! We go through so many emotions in so little time... especially when we make sure we're super protected. But when you’re trying to get pregnant, I can’t imagine the immense joy you can feel when you ARE late!

What other thoughts would you add to this list?

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