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10 Signs You and Your Better Half Are Totally In Sync

May 10th, 2016

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Love… is there any better feeling like that in the world (apart from food – you know you love it!! :P)? Whether it’s at the beginning of a relationship when you always have THOSE infamous butterflies in your stomach or even when you’ve been part of a solid couple for some time, here are 10 signs that prove that you and your partner are truly compatible!

1— You invent your own language.

You don’t have enough fingers to count all the inside jokes you have created together. You could almost write a dictionary with all the love notes you give each other and that sound totally bizarre to everyone around you (Hello my little sugar boo)! The most important thing?! That you appreciate the same humour and that you crack each other up!

2— You make future plans together.

It didn’t take long before you started talking about future plans together. Whether it’s talking about a family, house, traveling, getting a dog… or the whole package, NOTHING scared or scares you – you simply can’t wait!   

3—You’re always cuddling – anytime, anywhere!

The scent of his skin is one of your favourite things! Whether you’re one of those clingy people or not, it’s impossible not to cuddle at least 20 times a day. You feel good and safe in the other one’s arms as well as amazing offering the same comfort to your better half!  


4—You take care of each other.

Having the flu becomes – almost becomes – pleasant, given the tender loving care you receive. Being all wrapped up in front of your favourite movie (chick flick marathon for me :P ) and being prepared your favourite meal… it would be easy to deal with that every week! ;) Of course, you do the same thing when your better half is under the weather!

5—You feel good together.

Without becoming an annoying lap dog, the two peas in a pod love to spend time together, even if they don’t say a word! A three-week trip just the two of you – think about it: being TOGETHER 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and you’re not even scared – NOT ONE BIT!  


6—You read what’s on each other’s minds.

You keep no secrets from each other – at least you don’t hide anything important – and you know what the other loves in life. You’re even able to finish each other’s sentences… but do so in moderation, because being interrupted constantly can get stale very quickly! :P

7—You share common interests.

You have similar interests and some a little less so. You love to learn about your love’ passion (even if it is all things medieval :P), just like your partner is interested in learning about yours! The most important of shared interests (in my opinion): food! Meals out become real feasts with almost twice as much food and flavours! :P

8—Relaxing on your own is good, but together it’s better!

You’re always eager to spend a relaxing evening together. Spending a Saturday evening in pyjamas while watching a good movie and ordering take-out with your love is literally the definition of heaven on earth! Ok, ok, I promise: this is the last time I’ll be talking about food. ;)  

9—You always tell the truth.

When something’s bugging you, you don’t wait until the last minute before telling him about it. Whether the issue is funky morning breath (some have it worse than other, I swear – hello my love! :P ) or dishes that pile up and pile up, you talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend all cool and calm. Of course, you can always – well, almost always – take your share of criticism too! ;)

10—You’re friends.

I feel that the most important thing in a couple is to have a good balance between love and friendship (both in and outside of the couple). You each have a close set of friends with whom you spend good times, but you also spend quality time just the two of you.

One thing that’s important to remember to keep your couple healthy and happy: the bond has to be maintained and worked at! A romantic dinner out here, a little trip to the museum there… get a little creative! A couple needs some spice in their relationship! :)

As for you, what is the most important part of the two of you as a couple? 

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