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10 #GirlProblems that guys will NEVER understand!

July 9th, 2015

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Make no mistake, summer in Montréal is AWE-SOME! But even though we looove this season, the heat can sometimes foil all our efforts to make ourselves gorgeous and put our nerves to the test (Hello eyeliner that starts to run after only 5 minutes of walking?!?). OKAY, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little… Nonetheless, these are girl-only problems - problems that guys will never have a clue about!

No idea what I'm talking about? Here are 10 #GirlProblems that we've all had at one time or another!

Girl problem #1: Sweating under the boobs

girl problems

Then when you become aware of it, you're stressed that people will notice, and that makes you even MORE nervous! So what happens? You start sweating EVEN MORE and your sweater gets even more damp...  it's a never-ending circle!

Girl problem #2: Your period comes at the worst time

girl problem

Even if it is a myth – menstrual blood does NOT attract sharks - even so, we still end up thinking about it and playing the JAWS theme song in our head THE ENTIRE TIME we're in the water! ;)

Girl problem #3: Tight clothing 

girl problems

 No surprise, on that day, you're late and are out of metro tickets and have no change to take the metro or the bus…

Girl problem #4: Those nasty hairs 

girl problems

 Just found out you're off to the beach tomorrow and can't get an appointment with your esthetician? No problem! You still have time to remove the hair yourself if you want to. ;) 

Girl problem #5: The wind 

girl problems

Obviously, this always happens THE DAY you decide to wear one of those Brazilian thongs in sexy, sheer lace... or those granny panties for your period, with a very visible extra-long maxi pad with wings!

Girl problem #6: Humidity

girl problems

The only benefit: it gives you some great ideas for Halloween looks! 

Girl problem #7: Humidity part two 

girl problems

Thighs rub together, and when it's humid, boy does it hurt! Ow! 

Girl problem #8: Mosquitos 

girl problems

I found out, at my own expense, on my last camping weekend that mosquitos were particularly drawn to my deodorant – brutal! My advice: when night falls, it's bye-bye vanity, and hello rustic, wilderness woman! 

Girl problem #9: Accidental dips 

girl problems

If you haven't had the pleasure of being submerged in such an experience, you can't realize just how ABSORBENT a pad is!!! No really, it blows up in a matter of two seconds like an airbag and it's as comfy as having a life jacket between your thighs. :S

Girl problem #10: Air conditioning 

girl problems

No one turns down a little refreshing air conditioning. But what about that *@?!*%** Arctic chill central air conditioning - you know what I'm talking about - that blows a glacial wind right on you when you're wearing a light summer dress? The answer is NO!

That being said, despite all that, I still prefer summer 1,000 times over winter! Not to mention that we have other #GirlProblems in winter! ;)

Any other #GirlProblems you'd like to add to the list?


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