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Top 5 Activities for the Girl Who Hates to Exercise

March 23rd, 2015


You recall my personal challenge to run a 10-k this year? I’d better get started with my training because at the moment, I can barely run to catch the bus! :S

I want to start slow – you know, leave myself room to improve, to get better and better :P – so I found five activities I can do to gradually get into the groove of moving my bod while enjoying myself!

iSaute, no, no, this isn’t a new Apple device

As you've probably already guessed, at iSaute… you jump! In fact, at iSaute there are rooms filled with trampolines on which you can have a blast while playing dodge ball or basketball, using a bounceboard (a foam board), or just throwing yourself into the foam blocks! YEAH! All that's not very athletic, you're going to tell me. WHAT? Try it, and then we'll talk! For an added challenge during my (semi) getting-back-into-shape plan, I have to try out the "Saute-en-forme" classes (jump into shape). It's a mix of aerobics, cardio, toning... all while jumping up and down…

Jukari Fit to Fly… say what?

This class is for everyone who secretly dreams of being an acrobat in Cirque du Soleil… but who may not be able to touch their toes without bending their knees! You have come to the rights place! Jukari Fit to Fly combines several elements found in a circus, without being an extreme, high-flying sport! For the entire class, you hold onto a bar that looks a bit like a trapeze to work those stabilizer muscles. Hello abs! All that being said, I do have to say that I'm still a teeny bit nervous to try it! If you can't imagine this class, check this out:

Climb like a monkey

What's so cool about climbing is that you have to concentrate so much on how you're going to get up that wall and, of course, down, without falling, that you don't even feel your muscles working… but they are working, I promise. ;) Just wait until the next day! You'll discover new muscles you didn't even realize you had! What's more, indoor climbing is offered in most cities in Québec. But I love going to Horizon Roc.

For the swinger at heart

For you girls who underestimate the swing, check out the video below. I'm pretty sure your opinion will change! Of course the beginner level is not as intense, but let's just say that after an hour of swing class, your heart is pumping more than just a little! And for all you Montrealers, there are free classes offered every Tuesday at Plaza St-Hubert. ;)

Pole dancing 2.0

Ok, put all those images of pole dancing in topless bars out of your mind, because a "fitness" pole dancing class is a whole other world! Yes, you "dance" around a pole, but the goal is not to strip down to your undies; rather, it is to work your muscles and improve your cardio. And believe me, it works. And for those who like it a little wild, "show classes" - high heels and attitude required - are offered in some studios!;)

So go ahead and give these classes a try; and, for the road, I'd like to share THE most convincing video that inspired me to don my leotards and get out and move my body this week! :P

So, which one of these athletic activities are you most interesting in trying?


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