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Tips and Motivation for Getting Bikini-Ready

March 11th, 2015


It's always during the month of March that I start analyzing the damage winter has wreaked on my body: cellulite brought on by comfort food, a few pounds gained from indulging during cozy evenings spent watching your favourite HBO series, and, of course, the loss of muscle tone I had finally achieved during the summer. Lucky thing I come to my sense in the month of March and not early June, because I still have a few months to get into shape during these last months of hibernation! But it's always tough to get back into good habits that I seem to have tucked far away at the back of my drawer, right next to my unforgiving bikinis! So, without further ado, here are some tips to have the motivation and courage and finally rediscover your summer body! #GOGirls

1. Do a DIY project

I found this on Pinterest and it's just an excuse for me to patent another DIY project: the mood board. If you want to do it simply and efficiently, take an old magazine from last summer and rip out the pages you find most inspiring to stick on a board, a board you can find at Dollarama! To make mine, I'm going to follow the example I found on Pinterest: 


2. Do a little shopping

That's right, shop for summer clothes. Because in March, the stores are already in mid-July! Go and try on clothes that show off your arms and legs; it's a good reminder that big-sweater season is coming to an end! ;) Choose a piece you can't do without and buy it - but here's the kicker! Buy it one size too small. Voilà. There's motivation to lose that little extra tire. Don't hesitate to try it on again a few times before summer. 

3. Draw inspiration from a little souvenir

One of my foolproof tricks is to stick a picture of myself - in a bikini - in the kitchen pantry! Just make sure you take it down if you're having guests over! (hehe) But it's true: every time I open that pantry door to reach for a bag of salt and vinegar chips, in my face is a picture of me in a body in which I feel really good! Pretty effective way to tame that desire to devour the chips! Then, either I go for an apple or I do 30 minutes of exercise, and once I'm done, I earn the right to have a small bowl of chips. (My trick is to count the chips and put them in a bowl. It's important not to take chips right from the bag; you mysteriously reach the bottom of the bag very quickly when there's no limit imposed!). After having sweat for 30 minutes to then consume the same number of calories in 2 minutes, I think twice before devouring my bowl of chips in one fell swoop! :P

4. Use technology

We can do anything with our cells today, while we use technology like everyone in the world to motivate ourselves! We can put together a killer playlist, including Beyoncé and Rihanna from this world – and, while you're at it, you can totally check out their videos – for a sure boost of motivation. I always give my playlists a cool name like #KickButtWorkoutPlaylist to be even more fitness queen!

I hope these tips gave you the boost you need to make smart choices!! For those who still don't feel like moving, I'm going to show you a short, super-motivating video!


So girls, get up from your computers. It's time to break a sweat! ;)

So what are your foolproof tricks for finding the motivation to get back in shape?


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