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Sanitary pads… not just in your undies!

August 24th, 2015


Okay, hormonal confession here: once during a barbecue with friends last summer, someone pushed me into the pool when I was fully dressed… and I was wearing a pad! I don't know if you've ever immersed a sanitary pad in water, but let's just say that thing swells up more than just a little!

Imagine a huge sponge dripping between your legs!! Oh my god, I was so embarrassed   when I had to get out of the pool! To spare you the gory details, we're gonna pass! But because of that very experience, I realized that sanitary pads can be used for so many other things in our everyday lives thanks to their super-duper power of absorption! After tampons in the nose, here is a list of unexpected uses for your sanitary pads, from size XS to size XXL! Enjoy! ;) 

Use #1: Avoid having perspiration rings

Do you sweat abundantly under your arms, embarrassing you to no end? Stick sanitary pads – pantiliner format, of course – inside your sweater under your arms. The liner will absorb the sweat instead of your sweater! You will be fresh all summer long! 

Use #2: Say goodbye to stinky little feet

Let's admit it, ballerina flats make EVERYONE's feet stink - without exception. But your life is about to change thanks to me: stick a liner in the bottom of your ballerina flats and prepare to say bye bye sweaty, stinky feet and hello little fresh, dry feet! ;) Another option still related to shoes if your new shoes rub the back of your ankles, go ahead and stick a cut pantliner and voilà! You just made every step more comfy! 

Use #3: Replace paper towels

Picture this: you just sat down to watch your favourite program (America’s Next Top Model) with a glass of water. That elimination point has come and Tyra announces that your favourite participant has to go. Totally frustrated, you get up all of a sudden and spill your water on the floor!! (Okay, okay, I might be exaggerating a little ;) ) What's more, you're out of paper towels! No stress! Just go get your old box of pads that's been kicking around for five years or so – we all have one of those – and wipe up your mess with sanitary pads in under two minutes! Don't believe me? Just go back to the first paragraph! ;)   

Use #4: Make your car shine

That's right, girls, a lot of guys use maxi pads to wax their car exterior! All you need to do is scrub the windshield with the side of the pad and you have yourself one sparkling set of wheels! ;) 

Use #5: Pamper your tootsies

Who hasn't seen the famous scene in Orange Is the New Black when Piper Chapman takes her shower for the first time in prison and makes herself a pair of flipflops out of maxi pads?! 

So why not pimp them and make some totally cute, ultra comfy slippers! What do you think? A perfect arts-and-crafts idea for a rainy afternoon with the kids. The tutorial is right here

I hope I inspired you to dare to see beyond your undies when it comes to the myriad of possibilities for your sanitary pads! ;) 

Do you have any other DIY ideas for sanitary pads or tampons? 

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