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Indulging in Comfort Food Guilt-Free

September 1st, 2017


I have several great loves in my life and eating is one of them. When I was younger, I would sometimes feel guilty about indulging my culinary cravings. I guess getting older has its perks, because now I am perfectly at ease with my gluttony and enjoying it in my own special way!!

To celebrate this key observation, here are my current welcomed cravings. Since going to the gym 3 times a week + green kale smoothies are not my thing at all and I’m fine with that!!!

Warning: you should know that melted cheese is one of my main reasons for living ;)

1 - Rolled Lasagna with Squash, Ricotta and Spinach

OK, I’m not a vegetarian, BUT I made that recipe twice already, it’s so YUM! Trois fois par jour is an endless source of inspiration for me. And, I must say that I have a similar background to Marilou’s when it comes to eating, I haven’t always been at peace with food. So, this lasagna, alongside a tossed green salad and light dessert, per-fecto!

2 - Chicken and Cauliflower Mac’n Cheese

I told you I really liked things au gratin!! And, for me, the ultimate comfort food is obviously mac’n cheese. Plus, there’s a vegetable in the recipe, so it’s actually pretty balanced! :)

3 - Whoopie Pies

WOOP WOOP, whoopie pies, I can’t get enough of these! They’re soft and comforting, and even though I don’t have any kids yet, I looooove recipes from Cuisine futée parents pressés.

4 - Peanut Butter and Bacon Cookies

Yup, sweet & salty cookies with bacon inside! I make these often when friends come for dinner, and they are always impressed, trust me!

What is your FAVE recipe these days? The foodie in me wants to know EVERYTHING ;)

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