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How Tacky do You Get During Holiday Season?

November 23rd, 2016


I am a hopeless heap of tackiness during holiday season! My guy always feels a little desperate when I start putting up the Christmas decorations in November. :P Have a little time to kill? Take this little test that will reveal your level of holiday-season tackiness! ;)

Your home decor during holiday season changes…

A) NOT AT ALL. Apart from the box of Christmas tree ornaments from the 90s from your parents’ house – wreaking of moth balls too boot – kicking around at the bottom of a closet, you hardly spend a dime on Christmas decorations!

B) A LITTLE. You maintain your regular decor but enhance it with a few Christmas accents here and there. Very Pinterest.

C) A LOT. You could give Santa’s village a serious run for its money… who are you kidding? Your place is probably more decked out! ;)


Your Christmas wardrobe changes…

A) NOT AT ALL. You have a little black dress – the same as the past three years – that you will probably wear to your work party, family parties AND New Year’s Eve.

B) A LITTLE. A little shopping trip is in order to find one – or more – dresses for the different parties. And at the same time it’s THE perfect excuse to enjoy a gingerbread hot chocolate with extra whip cream! ;)

C) A LOT. You have a special wardrobe – holiday style: glitter, Ugly Christmas Sweater AND one-piece footed pyjamas with reins are making an appearance this season!


Your level of tolerance for Christmas music is…

A) NOT AT ALL. Can’t stand it!

B) A LITTLE. Come December 1st, you take out your good old Christmas playlist!

C) A LOT. You know the words to all the songs and as of November 1st, you put up your tree – with music. Move over, Mariah Carey!


During holiday season, your lifestyle changes…

A) NOT AT ALL. Apart from the clouds of doom that descend upon you little by little (you’re already dreaming of Montréal terraces next summer), your activities don’t really change during the holidays.

B) A LITTLE. Office Christmas party, dinners with friends, family gift talk… let’s just say that alcohol is a bit more on the menu than usual! ;)

C) A LOT. You go to ALL the Christmas parties imaginable, you binge on those holiday flicks, you’re into baking all the desserts imaginable… basically, you turn into one of the Christmas elves.


And now for the results…

If you had mostly A… Christmas goes over your head – by around 10 feet. Every year, it’s the same thing: you realize on December 24 that Christmas is the next day … and you haven’t made the slightest dent in your Christmas shopping!

If you had mostly B… for you guys, the holiday season is more of a pretext to party, stuff your face with chocolate and take in those tacky holiday flicks! ;)

If you had mostly C… for you, Christmas is in full swing on November 1st and winds down on January 1st. As for the rest of the year, you’re preparing for next year’s holiday season! Oh yeah, you even celebrate campers’ Christmas! ;)

So what is your level of holiday-season tackiness? ;)

Regardless of whether you get into Christmas or not, I wish you all a very happy holiday season!

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