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5 Worst Travel Situations We’ve All Experienced

March 2nd, 2016


Being very adventurous, I go for all types of trips out there: getting lost deep in the woods camping, relaxing at an all-inclusive in Cuba, or even traveling around Europe, staying in youth hostels. Having had my fair share of globetrotting, I can tell you that I've experienced some pretty interesting situations! Here are the five worst situations I've had… and I’m probably not the only one! ;)  

1-      Getting hit by your friend and mine, Tourista

You say you haven't yet travelled down South? Prepare yourself mentally for runny diarrhea a good part of the week! And sometimes it hits you from both ends… that's right! At the same time! Not your finest moment in life, you can be sure of that… Imagine when you have your period at the same time… aha! Pretty sure I'm not the only one out there who's had this kind of pleasure!

2-      Falling in love with a foreigner

Whether it's the oh-so-sexy GEO or the Australian surfer you meet in a London bar, we've all gotten into some travel romance that has no chance in hell of ever working. Tanned, long tousled hair, casual attitude… IMPOSSIBLE to resist… especially when he speaks with his accent or teaches us a few salsa moves on the beach. However, it always hurts our ego when he does the same thing the next day, but with our best friend! OUCH!

3-      Starting your period at the WORST possible time

Are you like me? Your period is totally unpredictable and NEVER starts at the same time every month? How am I supposed to know that it's going to start during sunrise yoga on the beach... far, far away from any washroom? And the worst part? Day 1 flow = straight out of The Shining!!

4-      Bizarre tan lines

When I go down south, it's the same thing every time. DAY 1: always too excited about swimming in the ocean and getting some sun, I tend to forget to put on sunscreen… I KNOW! IT'S BAD! It always happens that I put on my super hip bathing suit on the first day… that leaves lines on my body for the rest of the week. I can't even put on my other bikinis the lines are so weird!

5-      Making a fool of yourself

Everyone's gone a little too far, partied a little too hard at least once in their lives. No big deal, right? But come morning, when an EPIC hangover hits and you puke in the garbage can in the middle of the beach for all to see... now that's awkward.

At the time, you're humiliated, but it ends up making for some entertaining stories to tell after you get back from your trip! ;)

Are there any other embarassing situations you found yourself in when you were away on vacation?

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