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You Know You Were Born in the 90's when…

March 22nd, 2016

Zoé's Diaries

Ha! When those memories take over ... I love thinking back on those fun times from my childhood! I have so many amazing memories, even if there's NOTHING in the world that could make me go back to that time… apart from maybe seeing the Spice Girls again! Let's take a walk together down memory lane. Here are a few memories from our favourite decade, the 90's! ;)

1- TV programs

Fresh Prince of Belair, Dawson’s Creek, Are you afraid of the Dark, Boy meets World, Full House and Saved by the Bell are a few of the programs we would watch in the evenings after school. And before Vrak TV, Canal Famille was the COOL station for young people. We were also around when TÉLÉTOON hit screens for the first time! But the program that WOWED young Quebecers (and the rest of the world) the most was, without a doubt, Degrassi: The New Generation. We grew up with those guys, they were with us throughout high school. We also fell hard for Jimmy long before he became Drake! ;)

2- Board games

Forget Xbox, iPad and cell phones. When we were young, we loved Polly Pockets, Guess Who and Operation (you know the one! You had to remove the patient's organs without touching the edges, causing that annoying buzzing sound! So stressful! :P). There was also the trolls trend (those little guys with coloured hair), Care Bears, Cabbage Patch dolls (that have since become a bit creepy today :P). But the BEST game of all was Tamagotchi Friends!!

3- Fashion styles

It is just me or was fashion back then not that flattering??? We're talking about denim overalls and sweatshirts with a big GAP across the chest. Bandanas and tattoo necklaces were also a big thing. In the world of shoes, we were a little too influenced by the Spice Girls with our white platforms! As we started getting older, the hip hop thing was everywhere and brands like Baby Phat and Phat Farm were on EVERY. ONE. during high school (Hello little tiny winter coat belly with our running shoes at -40 degrees)

4- Beauty looks

The white line on the eyelid is for sure a 90’s classic and let’s hope it stays there and never comes back. NEVER. Another classic: lipliner way darker than the lipstick… yuck! Also, before flat irons, we had… crimping irons! We also liked to create up-dos sprinkled with little multicoloured butterfly clips! So cute… NOT!

5- Hobbies

We LOVED talking for hours on the phone with our friends. Do you remember the first computer in your house? You couldn't be on the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time; it would just lead to fights and bickering. :P When we started chatting on MSN… ASL? ;)

What are your other memories from the 90's?

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