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The Stomach and Hormones: Let’s Just Say They Get Along Too Well

July 5th, 2014

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I don’t know about you, but when I get my monthly flow, my appetite takes over with a vengeance! I always have the munchies! I was talking with a friend and realized that I’m not the only one. I tend to crave anything sweet, but my friend is into the salty stuff.

After a long, detailed analysis (Facebook chat with my buds), I discovered that there are five types of cravings during our period:

The Sweet Tooth

Some description

This is the girl known for having a perma-bright red tongue from all the cherry lollipops she consumes. She could eat sugar with a spoon and brush her teeth with cookie dough! Watch out brownies, caramel cupcakes, gummy bears and pretty much EVERYTHING at the choco-heaven Juliette et Chocolat, you don’t stand a chance! Her worst enemy? The dentist of course…

If you fall into this profile, you’ll be in paradise at the Candi Bar!

The Super Salty

Some description 

The Dead Sea is jealous of this girl, because she is even saltier than the saltiest body of water! Chips are her true friends and Mac & Cheese is her oldest love. She always has a little bag of popcorn in her purse just in case! The girl thinks ahead! This is the type of friend always willing to share nachos at the bar. And if she has no takers, she’ll order nachos and cheese – too salty, kind of like the wings at the Next Door Pub at 5175 Sherbrooke West! 

Just call her "Junk Food Girl"

Some description

When she cries, canola oil flows from her eyes. She eats badly and she doesn’t care because hey! She can always hit the gym tomorrow. In the meantime, she loves partying and eating junk food at Poutineville or at La Banquise at three in the morning. That so-called next day, way too hung-over to go to Zumba class, so she watches her favourite movie, Chef – preferably with a food truck parked outside!

The Too Perfect (too-fit-too-svelte-too-gorgeous-who-drives-mere-mortals-to-distraction)

Some description

She’s beautiful. And fit. She glows. She eats her eight portions of fruits and veggies per day. She has a lifetime membership to Crudessence. She’s always in a good mood. She drives us to distraction. Need I say more?

The WTF?

Some description

I have a really strange friend who, for her afternoon snack eats pickles and a Vachon cupcake… mmmmm…WTF?! She’s the type of girl who orders noodles from Noobox with pineapple, mushrooms and calamari! Different… The last time I had to ask her if she was maybe pregnant… “Of course not!” Her taste buds are simply “off.” When she travelled to Taiwan, she fell in love with this restaurant that served everything in toilet bowls! What can I say?? WTF!

Whatever your cravings, here’s a little tip: drink a lot of water. It helps to keep them under control. ;)

Some description

What craving profile do you fall into during your period?


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