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The absolute truth about girls' nights!

November 12th, 2015

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We often think guys really talk about sex more than girls do. You know, during their nights out with the guys, they would describe in detail their latest conquests, exactly how they masterfully picked up a girl, etc. But you know what? Since I've been with my boyfriend, I've learned that on girls' nights, we're MUCH more crude and graphic than guys when it comes to sex, or anything else for that matter! :P So here are five topics that come up in any self-respecting girls' dinner! :P

1 – The early-evening catch-up aka pre-dinner drinks

We often have girls in our lives who we haven't seen in ages. So we end up catching up on studies, work, workouts, relationships, etc. Once we're all caught up on everything we've missed in the past who knows how long, we often move onto the new H&M collection and the new David’s Tea flavours, all the while sipping a lil' cocktail – a very normal discussion up to that point. 

2 – Heated discussions about TV series aka the appetizer

And it starts very slowly, very unassumingly: we've all had a bit to drink – or maybe more than just a bit – so the personalities and strong characters quickly come to the forefront! So when we talk about the latest episode of Suits, things can become pretty intense: "Did you see the way Harvey treated Donna in Suits this week?! OMG, I would never have put up with that!" After covering the good and bad TV series/reality shows, we're ready to move on to more serious topics!

3 – Colourful single-girl tales aka the main course

Take any all-girl groups and there is always one hardened single girl. It's pretty much an unwritten rule! And she's always the one with the best stories about bad dates or sex encounters that take a turn for the worse! Of course, to bring us up to speed on the background of these stories, there's always a detailed guide provided on the equipment, so to speak, of the guys in question! ;)

4 – Half-hour full-out sex talk aka the dinner break but it's time to open a new bottle of vino

Let's just say that at this stage things get a little more complicated! Once the single girl – then the wine – have warmed us up, the time has come for EVERYONE to share our stories and sexual questions and EVERYTHING is fair game here: feminine masturbation, fantasies, sex during that time of the month, and the list goes on. There are always those girls totally intotrying new things and who tell the others about their experiences and then it always ends in a lot of laughs! Probably the highlight of every girls' night!

5 – The nostalgic moment aka dessert

We can just never get enough of talking about the time when Val flirted all evening with a guy covered in zits… the result of a few too many vodka-cranberries and leaving her glasses at home! Or that night when Cath fell asleep in the washroom of a bar, when we looked for her for an hour and we almost called the police! Aaaaah… good times!

And at the end of every evening, same old story… We repeat the following, like, five times: "Really, girls, I love you sooooooooooooo mmmmmmmuch!"… while we texted our boyfriends 30 minutes ago letting them know we were just about to leave to come home! ;) #Oopsie 

I would really like to be a fly on the wall during a boys' night, but I am sure that our girls' nights beat them hands down! And if I can let all the boyfriends in on a little secret: all of your girlfriend's girlfriends probably know what your penis looks like! ;) 

What other topics about girls' nights would you add? 

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