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That’s all Fine and Dandy, but How Do You Get It In?

August 3rd, 2014

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Raise your leg! Squeeze your cheeks! Pfff. What the hell? Putting in a tampon doesn’t have to be such a complicated ritual. Sure, at first it can be a little tough, but after a few times, you quickly get the hang of it!

After receiving many questions from our female readers, I decided to share with you a few tricks on how to use a tampon properly and shatter some of the myths. I’m basing my advice on my own personal experience and on that of my friends, all modesty aside!

First of all, NO, you will never ever lose a tampon in your va-jay-jay. After all, we’re not exactly dealing with an endless black pit between your legs! ;) If the string breaks (a rare occurrence), you can go in and get it with your fingers. Not so enjoyable, but also not the end of the world!

Can you wear a tampon overnight? Yes, BUT you have to be really, really sure not to go right through the night, as you can’t keep it in for longer than 8 hours. Be careful!!! So if you’re the type who needs at least eight hours, better off going with an overnight sanitary pad.

YES, the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is possible, but rare: between 1 and 17 cases out of 100,000 menstruation-age girls per year. Know what symptoms to look forTo avoid TSS, it is important to wear a tampon adapted to your particular menstrual flow and to change it every 4 to 8 hours MAX. By doing this, you also keep those annoying feminine infections at bay.

So, now that we cleared that up, the first thing you need to look at when you’re buying tampons is the absorbency rating. If it’s your first time, go with light absorbency. This way, the tampon is smaller and easier to insert. I personally recommend plastic applicators because they glide more easily and they’re easier to handle. My personal fave, the Incognito Nano tampon, is small and discrete. The pouch is silent when you open it, which is always handy when you’re in public!

Let’s make one more thing clear: YES you can use a tampon even if you’re a virgin. Using a tampon doesn't in any way change this; however, if it’s important to you that you keep your hymen intact, careful!  You are better off waiting before using a tampon, because there’s always a risk it’ll break if your hymen has too narrow an opening.

After you’ve found the right tampon for you, read the instructions for inserting it. You’ll definitely find them a bit basic, but some tampons require you to do more than simply unwrap them. Sometimes you need to pull on the applicator. Speak about this to the author of this hormonal confession!

Now for the critical step: insertion. Calm down. Everything’s going to go just fine. Find a comfortable position, sit on the toilet, knees apart, or standing up with one foot on the toilet. *Little tip: Tilt your pelvis slightly forward. My first time, I looked at a compact mirror to guide me. No harm in that – and it helped!

And again, relax… You need to relax those tampon muscles to make insertion easier. Insert the tampon by pushing gently on the applicator. If it hurts, change the angle of the tampon while you insert it to find the right position. Move in from a slight angle. You may find that you are zig-zagging a little. It’s normal! Once it’s well in place, you shouldn’t feel the tampon inside you. If you do, just push it a little further in with your finger or simply pull it out and insert another one.

I suggest you try inserting a tampon in the comfort of your own home when you’re relaxed and not rushed! In other words, don’t wait until you have a swimming lesson and you have to do it all hunched over and cramped in the locker room. Hello STRESSFUL!!! Also, ideally for the first time, try to do it when your menstrual flow is quite heavy, not on the first nor the last day of your period. It will glide more smoothly and the whole process will be easier.

And there you go! Now you are ready to jump, run, dance, swim or just crash in front of the TV, legs apart (you’re at home, after all). And no one’s judging…

Do you have other tips for properly inserting a tampon?

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