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20 Truths about Women

October 5th, 2017

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As long as I’m procrastinating with my to-do list, I might as well have some fun and think of 20 little truths about being a woman. Lacking inspiration by item 19, and it’s up to YOU to complete the series so we have an even number. ;) 

1. Your period is good for your mood and appearance. - Well here’s a reason to be happy when it’s that time again!

2. Women have more taste buds than men. - Yum!

3.During pregnancy, women’s feet tend to get longer and can even reach a new size. - So, it’s just normal that pregnant women bang their toes against everything.

4. A woman sheds more tears than a man, because her tear ducts are smaller. - That is why I cry in style, my ducts are simply very delicate.

5. 40% of all condoms are bought by women. - Shouldn’t it be like, 50/50? ;)

6. Periods could contribute to women living longer. – I’m aiming for 90, you?

7. A woman’s clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as a man’s penis. - YAY! Enough said!

8. The word vagina was used on screen for the first time in a film called The story of menstruation by… Walt Disney! - Not your typical princess movie.

9. The strongest vagina was able to lift 31 pounds. – That is the weight of 15 milk pouches! Practical when you have a bunch of groceries to carry! :P

10. A woman will have her period about 450 times in her life. - Hang in there!

11. Female kangaroos have 3 vaginas. - Does that mean 3 times the fun or 3 times the periods? One wonders…

12. Having your period increases your sex drive. - Can’t we move that to before or after?!?

13. The pulsations felt by a woman during orgasm are actually her uterus  trying to collect the sperm. - You learn something everyday!

14. The first calendar might have been based on the menstrual cycle. - What day is it? Perioday!

15. The egg is the biggest cell of the human body that is visible to the naked eye. - Wait ‘til you see the next one…

16. Girls are born with all their eggs, i.e. 2 million. - But, where are they?

17. A woman spends more than 4 years of her life on her period. - Not sure I wanted to know that…

18.The record number of children born from the same mother is 69. - Imagine how many diapers SHE changed!

19.A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s. - Aaaw, how romantic!

20 = You’re up!

So, what is YOUR little truth about being a woman?

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