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April 15th, 2015

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That time of the month, let’s just say it, is not very comfortable. But there is one thing even more unpleasant than your period, and that’s PMS. You know, that time of the month when your face, usually smooth like a baby’s bottom, turns into a pizza or when you’d literally almost kill someone for a chocolate bar. No need to panic, there are solutions out there to keep those symptoms at bay! And that’s a very good thing because it happens that we’ll crack up when we see the kitten flee in fear of the carpet and then a moment later, break down in tears when we see the ad about salt we have to remove from the house… We start to wonder if we’re going a little bonkers!

To avoid experiencing PMS symptoms, all you need to do is make a slight dietary adjustment to make sure you feel A-OK! Magnesium, calcium and iron are minerals and nutrients that are perfect for dealing with PMS.  But I am going to take it one step further. I am proposing recipes that will target three frequent symptoms. In addition, exercising, drinking a lot of water and eating fruits and vegetables will, generally speaking, always help your situation! ;) But whatever excuses you may come up with not to exercise, here are some recipes that are perfect to help you avoid eating a truck overflowing with Big Macs!;)

1- Avoiding mood swings

Magnesium is perfect for helping to regulate mood swings! It’s found in almonds, dark chocolate, brown rice, pasta, spinach and the list goes on… Be happy! I proposed a chocolate recipe! ;)


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Green smoothie


Spaghetti with almond, mint and basil pesto


Raspberry and chocolat “pots de crème”

2- Calming cravings

It’s a known fact: to avoid running for a poutine as your mid-morning snack, your have to rely on foods that will sustain you all day long! Protein slows down the digestive system. What’s that? Yes! It will prevent you from being hungry.;) Protein is found in eggs, nuts and seeds, fish, oats, etc. 



No-Bake energy bites


Colorful Lentil Salad with Walnuts and Herbs


Apple and Blueberry crisp

3- Reducing bloating

If you want to be able to fit into you favourite jeans while PMSing, avoid salt and choose fresh foods! The fibre found in veggies, whole grains, fruits, and oats promote digestion and therefore help to reduce bloating. And you guessed it: drink lots of water! 



Infused water


Green Goddess Detox Salad


Banana Blueberry Muffins

I hope these recipes will help you get through that darn PMS! If not, we recommend you read this article!;)

What recipe will you try first? 



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