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Matching my fall look to my menstrual cycle

August 30th, 2017

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On some mornings, I find it impossible to get dressed before taking my first sip of coffee. Yeah, ok, on most mornings from Monday through Thursday… that being said, I’ve noticed that my outfit for the day is very often in line with my menstrual cycle. With the change in season taking place, I thought I could offer you a little autumn lookbook that will be a perfect match for your various menstrual cycle moods!!! :P

1 - The follicular phase or the “Taking a stroll under the last few rays of sunshine, it’s gorgeous outside and life is beauuuutiful…”

That’s right, when the egg is formed and our endometrium thickens, we often get a rush of energy. In other words, our uterine mucous membrane is getting ready to welcome a baby or… not! Our style for this time of the month will focus on layering, to create a very colourful and stylish look.

2 - Ovulation or the “I’m sexy and I know it!!!” phase. Voilà, the egg is ready and we feel AWESOME! It’s our time to shine.

3 - The luteal or “Give me a break. I’m in pain, but in style.” phase.

This phase of the menstrual cycle takes place when our body reacts to being fertilized or... not. For me, that is when the premenstrual stage begins. Hello PMS, and not great to see you again, cramps! We opt for something loose that has character.

4 - Our period is here, or… “It’s that time of the month and I will do whatever I want.”

No need to describe this phase, we know it all too well!

After doing my research, I therefore opted for “It’s that time of the month and I will do whatever I want.” Yup, this is the first day of my period, wooptido…

Which phase inspires you the most?

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