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Feminine Pleasure: Let’s Go Back to School!

July 28th, 2015

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Ahhh, sex! Often a hot topic during our girls’ nights when the vino starts flowing, but the reality is, there are certain things that are often overlooked, maybe even forgotten. So I decided to have a little creative and intellectual fun to benefit the gals. I used what I’ve learned over the years… and did some research on the Internet (let’s just say my browsing history would make any nymphomaniac jealous) – to create this article to share with you some pearls of wisdom for a fulfilling sex life. Without further ado, WELCOME to Sex University! 

Course #1: Physical Education 

A strong vagina = greater pleasure! Have you already heard about the famous Kegel exercises? This exercise is used to strengthen our pelvic muscles that can weaken due to several factors: childbirth, age, abdominal surgery, etc.  Well, listen up, girls: this little tiny exercise also plays a major role in women’s sex lives! By strengthening the pubo-coccygian musclewhat’s that?! – we prevent pelvic floor issues and enhance sexual pleasure! So in addition to lowering the risk of urinary incontinence as we get older – it makes picking someone up in the old folks’ home that much sexier ;) – we maximize our chances of having an orgasm more often, more easily and more intensely! No small matter?!

So how do you do those Kegel moves?!? Couldn’t be simpler! Just contract and release the vaginal muscle…  just like you do when you pee and when you want to stop the flow of pee. No special equipment required! No ma’am! We can strengthen our va-jay-jay incognito anywhere: in the metro, at the office, even while reading this article! Not bad, huh! ;)

Course #2: Philosophy 

You know Orgasm with a capital O… maybe you’ve already had one? If not, tantric sex is what you've been looking for all your life! Regarding sex as a physical, but above all psychological activity, tantric sex helps us discover and listen to our body as well as that of our partner with the goal of achieving an orgasm called “tantric”. What’s so amazing about this orgasm, you ask? It’s described as penetrating the entire body – that’s right, it’s not only felt in the pelvic region – and much, much more intense than a “regular” one. Not too shabby!!  But wait! Many steps need to be taken to achieve this type of orgasm. First, foreplay must be engaged in very, veeeeerrry slowly. The two bodies need to fuse, merge together, not simply seek pleasure and pleasure alone. Once naked, the two partners touch, caress for a loooooooooong time. The last - but not least - step: withhold orgasm - at least for now! Repeat these steps every time you're intimite with your partner and after a few years of practice... you my friend, will experience what it is to have a tantric orgasm! Wouhou!

Lunch break

Wanna feel a little naughty? Focus on foods that will stimulate the libido! And there's something for everyone, for all tastes and cravings! ;) In the fruit category, black raspberries, strawberries, figs and watermelon are known to be professional libido boosters! Unless you can find watermelon year-long, you can consume spices that increase blood circulation in the vaginal area: saffron, paprika, cinnamon and ginger. The veggies most likely to put you straight in the mood are celery, pepper, avocado and raw onion (that being said, a little teeth-brushing is in order before things get more serious). And finally, the foods bound to step up the libido, all categories combined, are red wine, chocolate, oysters, ginseng and mint. Still not convinced? Go ahead! Add these foods to your diet and see for yourself!;)

Course #3: Arts and Crafts

Be creative! To avoid becoming lazy or bored, there are many ways out there to spice up your sex life. A little naughty text midday, some new lingerie that makes you feel sexy, etc. What's really important is to have fun but especially to respect each another!

Course #4: Literature

We end the day with a little reading that – in addition to relaxing us before we go to sleep – arouses that sexual desire. The recent classic, 50 Shades of Grey works very well, but if Quebec authors are more your thing, go for Nu: recueil de textes érotiques. Enjoy! ;)

So girls, I hope I was a good professor and that you acquired many tips for a truly fulfilling sex life!

Are there other courses you'd like to see on the Sex University curriculum? ;) 

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