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June 13th, 2018

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Emploi actuel:
Adjointe administrative
Durée moyenne des menstruations: 5 jours
Tampons, serviettes, ou les deux? Tampons et protège-dessous


Day 1

7H00 – My alarm just rang, but I was already awake because the cat was on my pillow, purring in my face. My boyfriend is still sleeping. I kiss his forehead. I don’t want to wake him so I slowly get out of the bed but I get tangled in a pair of jeans on the floor.

7H05 – I remove my contraceptive ring and I know my period should only start around 10H30 at the office tomorrow. While I’m in the bathroom I hesitate though and check the toilet paper, just the same. Nothing yet! I get in the shower.

10H15 – I’m at the office staring at my screen. That’s usually the moment where I start to get paranoid about my period. I’m scared my pantiliner won’t do the job. I go to the bathroom but nothing.

11H00 – For the third time I go to the bathroom and this time I was right. I put on a Nano tampon and I’m good to go.

17H50 – We finish work later than usual and we decide to go get beers. I eat healthy most of the time, but since I’m on my period I have decided to get a poutine.

22H04 – I’m exhausted and collapse in my bed.

Day 2

7H05 – I don’t know why it's always a relief to get out of bed and not see a bloody mess on my sheets. I go to the bathroom to pee.

9H15 – It might be yesterday’s beer, the poutine, or my period, but I’m bloated. Maybe a mix of everything! I grab a coffee hoping to feel better later.

14H25 – I just got out of a meeting. I got carried away while talking about a client who gave my colleague Kate and I a hard time. A colleague of the opposite sex had the audacity to ask me if I was on my period? Every time I hear that question I roll my eyes regardless of if I’m on my period or not.

21H05 – My boyfriend and I watched two episodes of This Is Us. We always cry while watching this show. And yes, my boyfriend cries for real. I fall asleep with puffy eyes.

Day 3

7H30 – I took the time to make some eggs this morning. I feel extra fancy!

11H45 – The morning doesn’t want to end. I can’t wait for lunch. It’s a beautiful day so I decide to eat outside.

17H30 – Every Thursday, I meet my boyfriend at the gym. It motivates me to go with him! However, I have a heavy flow today so I don’t feel my best.…..You know, when it seems uncontrollable? 19H00 Got home and took a shower. The showers at the gym discussed me. I feel alive again. To me sweating is already unpleaseant, but the mix of sweat and periods is even worse! 

Day 4 

7H30 - I snooze for a good 25 minutes. Some mornings it’s simply impossible to get out of bed.

10H10 – I forgot to bring a tampon. I normally change once at the office. Luckily for me my colleague usually has a box full of tampons. So I go and grab one from her drawer.  

19H30 – It’s Friday night and my boyfriend and I decide to enjoy a date night at home. We prepare a three-course meal just like we were eating out. 

20H30 – We watched a movie, cuddled while drinking wine.  

Day 5 

9H20 – We spent literally an hour lounging in bed. I simply love mornings during the weekend.  

9H50 – I take a shower, get dressed and go have breakfast with my boyfriend’s family. Today, I’m in a good mood. My period is almost over and I no longer need a tampon. That means I get to ditch my period panties and put on nicer ones.   

13H00 – We go to a friend’s house who just moved in to help assemble furniture. We are definitely going to hear swearing today… guaranteed.

17H10 - I change my pantiliner and I have a feeling it will be the last one for the month. I’m happy!

18H00 – We order pizza for everyone and watch a hockey game in the newly furnished living room.

23H25 – My cat comes to me for a cuddle before lying down between my boyfriend and me.  Good night!

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