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Camouflaging your PMS: 5 Beauty Tricks

March 26th, 2014

Zoé's Diaries

"Knock, know, knock, PMS here – with a delivery of pimples for Zoé!" 

RrrrrrEach time, I collect a few. From the tiny whitehead that's scratched in two seconds to the really deep pimple (that hurts when you're less than 3 cm close)... I alone would be able to give you the typology of PMS pimples!

After many years when I systematically tried to destroy these intruders with force – my beautiful mirror needed a wipe-down after a few sebum explosions – I prefered to develop my makeup artistry over building up the strength in my index fingers. Therefore, here are Five little beauty tips to camouflage PMS.


Before building a house, you clear the land. Same thing with your skin; when your PMS rears its ugly head, don't start digging holes on the surface (read about popping imaginary zits or frantically squeeze each pore on your face). Apply a gentle scrub to rid yourself of dead skin and thoroughly hydrate your face without neglecting the neck. However, choose a light moisturizer as opposed to the mega-rich avocado, oat-shea-butter-and-just-plain-butter option!

The Structure and the Walls

It is time to prepare the solid walls in preparation for the decor. Your structure is a good under-eye concealer that is pretty effective when it comes to concealing pimples! Choose the one that matches your skin tone and apply your concealer lightly on pimples by blending it well to avoid the dalmation look. Finally, set it lightly with matifying loose powder.


So your walls are less than perfect? No problem! Draw attention to the gorgeous chimney! If your concealer doesn’t manage to hide your pimples, why not go ahead and wear a darker lipstick or more dramatic makeup on the eyes? Eyes will steer clear of your pimples, you can be sure of it. But careful! Not both at the same time or you just might look like Rupaul on the runway! By the way, the trend right now is burgundy lips!

Small aside: choose hypoallergenic cosmetics. Same thing goes for sanitary pads; we don’t always think about it but it’s always preferable to choose products without ink or artificial perfumes to avoid being in constant contact with chemicals – end of comment.

Landscaping Plan

Your house has a crack on the side. No sweat! This beautiful tree hides it perfectly! I’m stretching my metaphor a little far, but if your pimples are on your forehead, go ahead and use your bangs to conceal them; if they’re on your neck (oof! Those ones really hurt), why not get a little loopy with some soft curls… See where I’m going with this one?

House-warming Party

The special times are what make a house a home. What I mean is that there’s no point in getting all worked up because of a few zits. Your friends don’t love you for your gorgeous skin but rather for your personality, so stop checking out your face in the reflection of the bus shelter or the store windows as you walk down the street! 

What are YOUR beauty tips?

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