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Back to School, Or How to Hide Your Feminine Protection Like a Ninja

August 22nd, 2014

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When you think back-to-school, what comes to mind? Usually we think of schoolbags, notebooks, pencils, erasers, backpacks, markers and all the stuff any good student needs! But to be a good student ready for anything, you also need to think in terms of panty liners, pads and tampons, because nothing’s worse than getting it at school, in the middle of class and being… unprepared!

I therefore advise you to always have in your female emergency gear 2 pads, 2 or 3 tampons, 4 panty liners and 1 or 2 feminine wipes. This way, you can be sure you’ll be set for any emergency that Mother Nature has to throw at you.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at school, I don’t always feel like shouting to the world that I’m on the rag. I like to refresh my protection in incognito mode. Here are some techniques for camouflaging protection, according to your personality:

1.“The studious girl” always has her nose in the books. She therefore keeps her protection hidden away in her notebooks!

2.“The social butterfly” always has a liner in her cell phone case. This way, she doesn’t miss a single post, tweet or pin, even in the washroom!

3.“The fashionista” stuffs a pad into her bun, pumping it up for some added volume. Practical and pretty!

4.“The sexy thang” uses her pads in her bra for a push-up effect. Little note: don’t forget to rebalance both sides after using a pad.

5.“The artist” hides her tampons in big, empty highlighters. Innovative and sneaky!

6.“Ms. Napoleana” uses her pads to create majestic shoulder pads. She is ready to conquer the toilets!

7.“Soy girl” hides her protection between her boot and her calf muscle. She whips out tampons and pads faster than she flushes the toilet.

8.“The J-Lo” hides her pads in her undies to pump up her derrière. Two advantages to this technique: your tush becomes worthy of Jennifer Lopez and your bum-bum is more comfy when seated.

9.“The Rambo” wears all her protection around her waist, attached with a belt. This way, the girl is ready for anything. CAREFUL! GRENADE… or rather TAMPON! Okay, the camouflage effect remains to be seen in this technique, unless you’re wearing a sweater tied around the waist (and to pass for a has been).

10.“The show-off” isn’t concerned about hiding her protection. She wears her pads as Mickey Mouse ears or those who like the bling have tampons hanging from their lobes like earrings.

So what is your favourite underhanded technique for hiding your protection?

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