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8 Types of Menstrual Flows

February 19th, 2015

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As a blogger who talks quite a bit about menses, I get a lot of questions from young girls who want to know if it’s normal to experience different colours and textures during their period. It’s true that in the beginning, it can be a bit surprising. So, to demystify the subject, I have decided to create a Top-10 (well, Top-8) list of different types of menstrual flows! Because THAT time of the month comes in a rainbow of colours! ;)  

2. The perfect flow – When it’s been more than four hours since you’ve had a tampon in and when the time comes to change it, your panty liner is white as can be. #Win

2. The ghost flow – When you’re sure your time of the month just came – hello suspicious moisture – and finally it was nothing at all. Nothing more than a false alarm! #Halleluya 

3. The Shining flow – When you have a Super +++ tampon and your undies still look like a scene from the scariest of horror movies. Blood transfusion please. #WhatDidIDoToDeserveThis

4. The jam flow – When you’ve gone to the bathroom and you get a glimpse of strawberry jam on toast. #LostMyAppetite

5. The adventurous flow – When it creeps up behind even when you were standing the whole day. #DefyingGravity

6. The annoying flow – When it takes you a good two minutes to decide if you need a tampon, a liner or nothing at all. #RussianRoulette 

7. The vampire flow – When you need no protection during the day but when night comes, Maxi with wings is more than essential. #Twilight

8. The artist flow – When it’s the last day of your period and you have the chance to observe a complete colour palette. #IndianSummer

I hope I didn’t make you lose your appetite?!? ;)

Have you experienced other types of menstrual flows that deserve to be mentioned in our list?

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