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8 Tips for Getting Rid of PMS

December 1st, 2017

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Sweetie, how about ordering sushi tonight?               

Are you serious? You went ahead and decided on sushi all on your own! Well, good for you! Why sushi? You don’t give a flying fajita what I might like, do you? Why not pizza? Huh? Because you think I’m fat, right? You think I’m ugly? Why don’t you take that sushi and eat it without me!”

If this type of freaking out is all too familiar to you, you probably experience, like me, very light (light, my a__!) mood swings during your PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome). One minute everything's rosy, the next minute you want to punch anything that moves. DON'T. PANIC. Here are seven tips for getting rid of your PMS in a safe and healthy way!

1 - Do Origami: Focus on something will help you take your mind off your period… but no! That was just a little joke to see if you were paying attention. ;)

2 - Get Active: It's a well-known fact: getting up and exercising your frustrations away does a world of good. It's good for your mood, it increases your energy and it burns calories. Bonus! So, steer clear of yoga (too calm) or combat sports (you might hurt someone)... A Zumba class might just be the answer.

3 - Shout it Out: If you don't take out your frustration on someone, shouting can feel pretty fantastic. But make sure you're alone and out of earshot, to avoid being thrown in the loony bin.

4 - Drink Tea: Think about it, drinking coffee would be like giving an energy drink to a hyperactive child... to be avoided at all costs. What's more, it can make you irritable (ahh… you don't exactly need that!). Instead, try green, black, white or red tea - violet if you prefer!  The goal is to reach nirvana (Good luck!).

5 - Cut Out Salt and Salty Foods: You already feel like a big blob, so why retain water on top of it all?  So go easy on the late-night poutine and the movie popcorn. And exercise caution, because salt is everywhere... even hidden in dark chocolate! Who knew?? 

6 - Enjoy Yourself: Okay, I'm not talking about stuffing your face with maple cones but why not treat yourself after a long, hard week with an item of clothing, a piece of jewelry or something else?

7 - Sleep on a Towel: I don't know how it is for you, but when I have PMS, I often wake up in a sweat, shivering, so I definitely don't sleep as well. My trick? Set up a large beach towel on my mattress to absorb my sweat. It might not be very sexy but I sure do snooze like a baby!

8 - Take it Easy: During your PMS, take some time for yourself by trying to free up your agenda as much as possible. If you have a tendency to be grouchy, you need to warn your friends and family… After all, your bad mood will be long gone in a couple of days!

So what are YOUR tricks for beating PMS?


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