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Comfy and Light: 4 Summer Outfits Perfect for That Time of the Month

June 6th, 2016

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I LOVE summer! It doesn’t even bother me – well almost doesn’t – to be a bloated balloon (thank you period!) because I can wear flowy dresses when I have to! ;) Now that spring has just about sprung (well hello flowers! hello fewer layers!), I can barely stay out of the stores and I’m just itching to redo my wardrobe from top to bottom! So I’ve prepared four summer outfits PERFECT for that time of the month. :)

1—For the romantic in you

bohemian wedding


Any self-respecting summer season has at least ONE wedding on the agenda! If you have the misfortune of having your monthly bill during the only wedding of the year, relax! By going for a boho chic look with a long, flowy dress, you’ll feel gorgeous even if you couldn’t dream of fastening a belt around your Michelin belly (or so it feels)! :P As for accessories, rock the look with a Matt & Nat vegan clutch and have a little fun by bejeweling your hair. Etsy is a gold mine for these kinds of accessories.

2—For the rustic girl in you

comfy camping


This outfit can also be worn for a weekend at the chalet. It’s the perfect kit for an evening around a campfire when you have your period (or when you don’t). Note that the layering technique is used to stay nice and toasty AND to avoid being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I just love this cotton fleece from Pony MTL ; it is the perfect slouchy-zen piece I like to wear on these cool evenings (totally disconnect from reality and relax). If you get your monthly gift during a weekend in the country – in nature – you should think about our tampon multipack. So practical – a perfect solution!

3—For the businesswoman in you

work chic


Like most people, I work in an office, EVEN in the summer. :( I think back to when I had a whole lotta’ nothin’ to do during the summer except swim all day and eat popsicles! Ok, ok, I’m done whining. To add a touch of colour to your days spent indoors – sob, sob! – why not go for a light-weight, colourful dress? The one pictured above from Simons is perfect, even when it’s that time of the month. This nautical blazer worn over your dress will add even more style to your outfit as you stay cozy in those arctic-cold, air-conditioned offices!

4—For the adventurer in you

roadtrip chill

Whether you’re on the road for two or ten hours, you want to be dressed as comfy as possible during a  roadtrip, ESPECIALLY when it’s that time of the month! Golden rule: choose bottoms with an elastic waist. Once again, take both a lighter sweater and one that’s a little warmer to be prepared for the drastic changes in temperature (air conditioning VS open windows = an eternal struggle). And considering you’re sitting most of the time, go for a MAXI pad, which will be like a comfy little cloud under your bum-bum. :P

That time of the month on a day at the beach? Check out these looks we created just for this!

Which of these outfits was your personal fave?


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