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10 Typical Reactions to The Word “Period”

June 18th, 2015

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It’s crazy the number of reactions the word “period” can trigger! From the little girl who’s never heard about it before to the hippie who could go on and on about the topic for hours, no matter how intimate and personal – and graphic – the details (!). Here you have the period seen from the point of view of 10 different people!

1. Little girls…

Before “THE” talk: the veryimage of ignorance and innocence. #IwishIcouldgoback…


And then comes the expression after “THE” talk: at first, not so sure they understood correctly… Say what???

…then, once it sinks in, slightly terrified! Ahhhh!!!!

2. Dads who just received the news that their little girl is now a woman

Going back and forth between proud papa…

proud daddy

…and being seriously embarrassed! Not sure how to react here…


3. Young girls who use a tampon for the first time

From when they read the brief how-to guide…

… to when it comes the time to insert the darn thing…

…and then when it’s in place and they realize it’s not so bad! Wasn't worth getting so worked up about after all!

4. Picture this! A teen runs into a guy she likes at the pharmacy and she’s caught holding a box of maxi pads! Oh. My. God!

“I. Want. To. Disappear. #ohmygodohmygod”

5. The cashier who’s putting through your super plus plus tampons and your extra-long maxi pads with wings  

With her look of solidarity…

…except if she is over 50… #revengeofthemenopausalwomen

6. Those women who just hit menopause


7. The little boy who’s only seen ads on TV

“But it’s not fair! Me too, I want to get my period and ride a bike, go skydiving and drink fancy cocktails!”

8. The preggos

At the start of their pregnancy – 9 easy months – period-free (!) before them…

… then just after they give birth, when they discover what postpartum bleeding is.

9. In general, our guys

When they find out it’s that time of the month for us…

and then it’s over. ;)

10. It doesn’t matter who you are, when a hippie type starts in about menstruation

All you want to do to is hurl – right then and there. #toomuchinformation

In a nutshell, even if I was the first one to take my jokes about periods a little far, I admit there’s a time and a place for everything and that speaking about your blood clots at the dinner table is just plain gross.

So are you comfortable talking about it? Any other typical scenarios to add?! ;)

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