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The Reason I Hate Roses

April 26th, 2014

Hormonal Confessions

Last week, I received an incognito confession from a girl who was talking about the... "surprise" her father had planned for when she got her first period. Is this a good or a bad surprise? Read her confession to find out!

"Dear Zoé,

When I was little, I was super shy and I blushed when anyone mentioned a "secret garden" or a "kiki" (even if it was my best friend talking). I wanted to disappear because I was horribly uncomfortable. At 13, when I got my period for the first time, I VERY discretely let my mother know. After a crash course on using pads, I dashed off to school (feeling only a little bit reassured). Contrary to what I had imagined in my worst nightmares, everything went fine and noone noticed anything (then again, there's zero risk when you wear a maxi pad under black jeans and a sweater tied around your waist). Except there was one thing I hadn't anticipated: my dad.

My progenitor had the FAN-TAS-TIC idea to give me an enormous bouquet of 13 roses when I came home from school, also letting the neighbours know. Maybe there wasn't Facebook and Twitter at the time, but the next day, everyone knew. :S Do I have to tell you that I did everything to avoid going to school in the days that followed (fake headache, alleged diarrhea, strange itchiness…) and I didn't speak to my dad for a few weeks! 

It's been more than 15 years since then and the memory makes me smile.  And it's not at all surprising that today I can't stand roses! 

Ha ha, I believe your father wins the Academy Award in the "too-nice-but-has-no-clue-how-to surprise" category. ;)

These are the same dads who give us stuffed animals when we're 18 and who make us uncomfortable when they try to use the same expressions as us in front of our friends. This is the type of dad we really don't know how to appreciate in those teenage years, but one day, we realize they're too cute and that we love them so much!

All joking aside, it was not a very subtle move to bring the surprise out in front of the neighbours – a little #DaddyFail - but it shows that he loves you. If I were you, I would take the opportunity to play a funny trick to "get back at him" and especially to share a fun laugh together! Why not give him a hairpiece to help him to get ready for future baldness (perfect for Father's Day) or to remind him to put on his anti-hemorrhoid cream (and say it loudly) during poker evening with the guys? :P

Do you have any other ideas to share?

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