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Tampon: 1 – Dignity: 0.

May 20th, 2015

Hormonal Confessions

Have you ever seen the little instruction manual that comes in tampon boxes that explains how to insert a tampon properly but that nobody looks at? Well, this reader has probably read one of these manuals several times since this incident! :P

"When I started - quite young - to use tampons, I didn’t always insert them correctly! One day, I went to a party and, in addition to wearing super short shorts, I was dancing like crazy! Of course, this particular time I did not insert my tampon all the way! So, the more I danced, the more my tampon slipped… until it fell out entirely and was dangling against my leg, hanging from its string!!! As soon as I realized what had happened, I grabbed it and ran to the bathroom to insert a new one. While in the bathroom, I noticed that, on top of everything else, I also had a huge stain on my shorts!! Fortunately, I lived close by and I was able to go home to change. Thankfully, no one noticed this incident or the stain, which saved me from the embarrassment of my life! In the end, I had a fantastic evening!”

Wow! I don’t even want to imagine the stress she felt the moment that she saw her dangling tampon!?! Fortunately she had extra tampons with her!

To be ready if this type of incident ever happens to you, my recommendation is to always bring a small bag with the necessary emergency protection! Here are a few clutches that are super cute, match with any outfit and they are perfect camouflage if ever a stain should make its way onto your butt!



I think this girl reacted well to a stressful situation rather than panicking and using the “J-Lo” technique! ;)

And you, what’s your menstrual-emergency tip?

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