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PANIC: I forgot to remove my tampon!

August 18th, 2016

Hormonal Confessions

Ok I admit that if I had been this confidante, I also would have flipped! ;)

Dear Zoé,

My story happened last summer and I thought it was relevant to share it because tampon season has more than just begun! In the summer, I almost always choose tampons when I have my period, except at night, when I prefer a good old pad. I find tampons show less in clothes and they’re more practical when you do sports. During that unforgettable time of the month, my va-jay-jay started to have a really strong odour… it wasn’t a normal odour. I had no idea what was happening. I did some research on the Internet and I would often find the same answer on the forums: a forgotten tampon. Panic! And what if it had gotten lost in my body? Operation “search for the lost tampon” was launched. I sat down in the bathroom, spread my legs and started exploring Indiana Jones style (sorry for the graphic details :P). After about two minutes, I finally found it. OOOOH! As it isn’t especially good to keep a tampon in for more than four hours and I had no idea how long it had been in there, I made an appointment with my ob-gyn to make sure I didn’t have an infection. And since that time, I always make sure I remove my tampon before inserting a new one or before I go to bed!

OMG! A fear had by all girls who wear tampons! A tip: if it ever happens to you, don’t panic because it’s impossible that your tampon gets “lost” in your body (kind of impossible given the anatomy). The best thing to do is to stay calm, try to take it out and, especially, make an appointment with your ob-gyn to make sure everything is A-ok! ;) And if ever you catch a whiff of a strong odour coming from your little flower and you know it wasn’t a forgotten tampon, it may be a female infection!

Have you ever had an unfortunate tampon experience?

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