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Inserting a Tampon #LikeAChamp

June 18th, 2014

Hormonal Confessions

This week, a young girl tells us about her journey in... putting in her first tampon!

"My story is really stupid. I've never told it to anyone. :S Anyway, here I go!

When I was 14, I tried using a tampon for the first time (it had been almost a year since I got my first period, it was summertime and I really wanted to go swimming!). So I closed the bathroom door and tried to insert a compact tampon. Epic fail. Basically, as indicated on the little paper, I put my foot on the toilet, relaxed (well, I tried, but who is truly relaxed in times like this, right?), positioned the tampon and pushed in the applicator. Nada. Since the applicator was really short, I pulled it back out a little and pushed again, pulled, pushed again – a bit like a bicycle pump. :S Still nothing.

I read the instructions again and inspected the tampon closely. No need for Sudokus to challenge my brain! My puzzle was inserting a tampon. I felt so stupid for not knowing how to do this.

I then went to ask a girlfriend, who showed me THE STEP that I had neglected: FIRST, PULL ALL THE WAY ON THE APPLICATOR TO LENGTHEN IT!!!

My god. I felt really dumb. There you have it. That's all. :/"

Hahaha, you shouldn't feel dumb! :D We've all had points when we've felt like we're the only one in the world who can't do something, as though we're entirely alone, especially regarding anything related to our period. Like the girl who thought panty liners correspond to an XS and Maxi pads to XL, or myself when I was paranoid and shoved toilet paper into my undies in addition to a pad for fear of staining my pants!

It's unfortunate that we're too embarrassed that we don't even dare ask our mommies! But it does make for touching memories when we think about it! ;)

And as for you, what was THE question you didn't dare to ask when you started getting your period?

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