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Confession: I Got my Period One Hot and Heavy Night!

April 11th, 2016

Hormonal Confessions

This confession is quite a change from those of the young girls I usually receive, but wow! Is it ever funny! ;) 

"Dear Zoé, 

This has to be one of the most embarrassing situations that’s ever happened to me! During a pretty drunken evening in a bar, I noticed a guy who I was really into. I had been interested in him for a few months, but I had always been too shy to talk to him. He was so intimidating! Since I was a little tipsy that evening, I finally got up my courage to go up to him. And the chemistry was amazing! YEAH! 

Here comes the embarrassing moment... The bar closes and we didn’t know how to say goodbye (we had spent the whole evening making out :P ). Finally, he invited me back to his place to pick up where we had left off and I took him up on his offer! I don’t have to spell out what happened next... ;) Later that night (or I should say in the morning), I woke up to go to the bathroom and noticed that my thighs were all red! At first I didn’t really understand what was going on. I went back to the bedroom to peek under the covers only to find the sheets COVERED IN BLOOD! My period must have started when we were getting it on! Panic!!! After going over this in my mind for a few minutes, I finally woke him up to explain what happened. Luckily, the guy was a real gentleman! He was so nice and understanding, unlikeothers who could have made a bad situation even worse! Anyway, I simply helped him put his sheets in the washer and we could have left it at that… Except the story actually has a better ending: we’re now a couple! :P »

Awwww… as it turns out this story is super sweet! Anyway, if you’re not sure about when you’ll be getting your period, you can always calculate when your next shark week is supposed to start using Incognito’s personalized calendar. Last but not least, remember that sex during that time of the month… is still possible! ;) 

As for you, how would you have reacted if this situation were to happen to you? 

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