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October 28th, 2015

Hormonal Confessions

This situation is super embarrassing when it happens but it sure makes an excellent story to tell during a night out with the girls!!!

Dear Zoé,

I hadn’t been working in this office for so long, so I didn’t know everyone yet… but let’s just say that my colleagues sure got to know me intimately pretty quickly!

On a day that I was wearing a really cute little dress, I went to the washroom after lunch. Up to that point, my day had been going pretty well. A good half hour after my peepee break, one of my colleagues came over to let me know that the bottom of my dress was stuck in my undies! OH MY GOD! The shame!!!

We’re not talking in the bottom of my undies… NO! They were stuck up at the top so my cheeks were hanging out for the world to see! And that’s not all!!

That day, I was wearing my most hideous – but comfy – period panties. You know the ones: white-beige panties with a faded pug’s face over my bum, revealing the edges of the LONGEST pad in the history of the world because I had an ultra heavy flow!

At the time, I really felt like running home and never seeing my colleagues again! :("  

I would imagine that after this incident, she became paranoid and made sure – again and again – that her dress was not stuck anywhere compromising before she left the little girls’ room! :P To make this situation less humiliating if your colleagues are fortunate – or unlucky – to take in the view, make sure you have backup period panties that are not only practical, but that are oh-so-cute. Take a look at these beauties: 

Find them here!

As for you, does your period influence your undies or the clothes you wear?

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