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Have Any XS Pads?

May 22nd, 2014

Hormonal Confessions

The incognito confession I received this week is… so cute!

" Hello Zoé,

My story makes my mother laugh, and I hope it'll make you smile too. When I got my period for the first time, I was 11 years old (I was quite young). Fortunately, it happened at home one morning, and I found out while I was in the bathroom. My mother and I had already had "THE" talk a few months earlier: she had warned me that it was going to happen, that I shouldn't be scared or ashamed and she showed me the box with pads that she kept in the bathroom for when I would need them. So that morning, I opened the blue plastic box and… surprise! There were so many different kinds!

I had been pretty sure that there was only one kind of pad and here I was, faced with a whole varierty of different sizes (my mother would usually take the pads out of their packaging and put them directly into this box). In my young mind, I immediately thought that it worked by size; and, since I was petite, I chose the one that seemed to be XS. The fact is, I chose a pantyliner (it fitted perfectly in my undies!!!) and for the first two days, I had to change them every 30 minutes! I thought to myself that it sure wasn't easy having your period!!!!

It was only when my mother noticed that the pantyliner supply had quickly run out that she spoke to me, and explained my mistake.  In any case, I thought that my reasoning made quite a bit of sense."

Awwwww… I admit that this idea also crossed my mind when I first came across a pack of pads. There were three tiny pad icons of different sizes marked on the packaging and I vaguely wondered if pads came in different "sizes." I am sure we're not the only ones who are confused about this!

I just wonder what we would have thought if we had only found Tango pantyliners for thongs or Super-Long Maxi-Overnight pads!!! :P

What protection did you use for your first period? Did you ask imaginative questions about how they worked?

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