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Guy’s confession: I tried out sex during her period

October 24th, 2016

Hormonal Confessions

As you might expect, I really like confessions that are out of the ordinary. This one is particularly special because it’s the first time a GUY is writing me. And what’s more, this confession is just perfect! ;)

“Hi Zoé,

A few years ago, I had been seeing a girl for a few months and, like most relationships at the very beginning, the sex was crazy! We wanted to do it anytime, anywhere. During one of the many times we were passionately hooking out – and of course we both knew where this was going – she told me that she had her period. In my head, it was like, no problem; we can still fool around, even if there’s no penetration. But out of the blue, she asked me to keep on going, but in the shower. I admit that right away, I was very confused. But I still agreed to do it because we were both into it. So we made love in the shower, even though she had her period… and I WAS SO INTO IT!!! Since then, we do it regularly when she has her period… ah yeah, that’s right, because we’re still together! For sure I prefer to do it when it’s not that time of the month because it’s a little less messy, but when we’re in the mood, and we both have to have it, we’re like, what are we waiting for?!?! ;)”

Look at that! A guy sharing something like that! For the guys out there who are reading this: a girl’s period is NOT gross! Ok, ok, I admit that having sex when it’s that time of the month requires a little more logistics – or imagination – than usual, like covering the bed with towels, going in the shower, etc… but there are many benefits too! Because of the endorphin that’s secreted, sex can calm period cramps and all sorts of aches and pains.

So how do you feel about sex when it’s that time of the month?

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