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Garbage Cans Without Covers? No Way!

July 1st, 2014

Hormonal Confessions

I'm feeling a lot of empathy for the author of this week's intimate confession; after what she went through, it really must not be easy to look at her boyfriend without blushing!

"Hello Zoé,

My "story" happened last week and I still have trouble thinking about it without wanting to crawl into a hole. :S

Last week, I slept over at my boyfriend's place. I should specify that we've only been together for a few weeks. We watched a movie, we ordered sushi, we had a nice evening. Except I had my period and he lives in a tiny apartment with a hobbit's bathroom and... a mini garbage WITH NO COVER!!!

Where was I supposed to put my used pad, can you tell me that? Even if I wrapped it in three layers of toilet paper, I really didn't want him to see my little ball in his garbage when he brushed his teeth. :S And he's a guy. I told myself: he probably doesn't empty his garbage very often and it's going to reek like hell in the next few days. :S

So I took my little ball, all wrapped up, and I put it in my purse, telling myself that I'd throw it in a garbage outside tomorrow. BAD. IDEA.

The next day, when we were going for a walk, my phone rings. I reach for it in my purse to answer and then... my phone catches the famous little ball that gently falls to the ground with the toilet paper blowing in the wind, right there, in all its glory, in the middle of the sidewalk. And obviously, there were at least 10 people around who saw it.

I really wanted to die. 

Fortunately, there was a garbage can right next to it. So I picked it up, threw it in the garbage and then left super fast without daring to look at my boyfriend or the people around. He caught up with me and said he got a good laugh, but my god, I was so embarrassed!"

Whoah. It's true that was an embarrassing situation! Fortunately, the guy seemed to have reacted well!

Periods are a bit like farts. It's tabou at the beginning of a relationship but it eventually comes out. The sooner you have that awkward conversation, the sooner it's over with and the faster you can feel relaxed with your man!

Do you speak openly about your period with your boyfriend? Do you use "code words" to tell him that it's that time of the month or is the subject completely off limits?

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