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Types of guys not to call back

November 13th, 2014

Gabi Unleashed

Me? Complain? Hardly! But I do like to say what gets on my nerves. And those date fails, well, what can I say? They get to me. You kind of have to meet many "okay guys" before meeting one who’s not bad  (that’s just how it is). I told myself I’d share with you the types of guys I will never call back… no matter how hot they are! 

1. The hungry-grouch

A restaurant often seems like the best bet for a first date but I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone! With this one guy, I was on my second glass of wine before ordering and GUESS WHAT! The guys starts sulking because he’s starving. When the waiter becomes your saviour, well, that just kills the romance, doesn’t it?! Listen, guy, if you’re not able to manage your own hunger, don’t expect to be able to handle this girl’s mood!  

2. The-already-taken

The worst kind, in my opinion! They step into your life like a prince charming on a white horse, wind in the hair… you get the picture! They make you fall head over heels 15 times over the course of the evening with their sweet words and their naughty look… only to let you know in the end that they have a girlfriend, but that it’s "complicated"! Multitasking guys, YES, but multi-girlfriending guys, NO WAY!

3. The full-of-himself

When the guy tells you on a date how he’s totally up for a big promotion, that he’s won 10 soccer trophies and, of course, that he’s his Gramma Rita’s favourite when all you were able to say all evening was, “How’s it going?”… I’ll let you decide what’s wrong with this picture! 

4. The douchebag

See a hockey game on a first date? Pretty cool, I have to say! But if it means spending the evening with a bunch of drunk guys, well, had I known what I was getting myself into, let’s just say I would have stayed home in my sweats instead of donning my skinny jeans and high heels!

5. The techno-junkie

I agree that technology is the future. I myself couldn’t live without my cell. But when I’m forced to text the guy to find out if he wants to share a plate of nachos… I reserve the right to go out again with a more interesting guy that same evening! In any case, it’s not like he’ll even notice! ;)

6. The too-intense

Not enough attention is one thing, but too much attention is something else! Little piece of advice, guys: before telling a girl you love her, at least wait until you know her last name! ;)

You know, I think it’s time I reviewed my selection criteria in depth and move from Tinder to eHarmony!

So what kind of guys gets on your nerves the most?

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