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Sex during menstruation: 4 preconceived notions

August 7th, 2015

Gabi Unleashed

I have a confession to make! Since I started living with my boyfriend, I'm ALWAYS in the mood to make love… ESPECIALLY when it's that time of the month. It's normal, I know, but it's SO frustrating!! Never did the idea of having a "complete" sexual relationship when I had my period ever cross my mind. It would even gross me out a little… It's only since we started living together that I have thought about it. To make myself feel a little better about this still taboo subject – not everyone is into speaking about it on the first date– I realized just how many preconceived notions there were about sex during menstruation! ;)

Preconceived notion #1: You can't get pregnant during your period

According to popular belief, it's impossible to get pregnant during your period. FALSE!!!

Here are two important facts to keep in mind:
#1 - sperm can live up to five days inside our reproductive system - these little guys are tough!

#2 - ovulation differs by a few days every month – so you could be fertile earlier/later than you would have thought!

As a result, if you ovulate a few days after you had (unprotected) sex while on your period… sperm could get in contact with the egg and “BOOM!”, you’re preggers. You could also get pregnant if you ovulate at the beginning of your period. Unfortunately, ovulating early is possible, especially for irregular gals… :S

Preconceived notion #2: Guys find menstruation a turn-off during sex  

Everyone knows, guys all react differently to women's periods. Many women refrain from making love during their period or don't dare talk about it because they believe men find it really disgusting… yes, even in 2015! But believe me, most often, if the girl is in the mood to do it during her period, guess what! That doesn't bother guys! Of course, many prefer when they've been in an intimate relationship for some time, and that's understandable. But at the same time, others are totally open to that - even for a one-nighter! Let's hear it for an open mind!

Preconceived notion #3: The bed will look like a murder scene

Don't worry about covering the guy in menstrual blood… it's not very likely that it will happen! Okay, of course there'll be a little on his thighs and penis (read here: condom). I'm not saying you should go for it and get all hot and heavy atop your beautiful white feather-down duvet - when your flow is at its heaviest! But you can do it in a clean way by limiting the mess. The most popular tips are to place a towel on the bed or even to make love in the shower! A nice way to spice up the routine, don't ya think? ;) 

Preconceived notion #4: Menstrual cramps will get worse

Believe it or not but many women say that making love during their period improves their period cramps! Female orgasms – that some women would say are more intense during their period – would stimulate contraction of the uterus, which would act like a massage! Sign me up hee hee! ;)     

The only little snag: you're more likely to contract sexually transmitted infections when you make love at that time of the month because the cervix is larger than usual. You also need to pay attention to women's infections and vaginal yeast infections, because the vagina's pH level is less acidic. Finally, blood diseases are more easily transmitted because of direct contact with blood. So what's the watchword? CONDOM!!!

Are there any other preconceived notions about sex during your period that you would add?   


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