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Love Challenges? Try Dating While On Your Period!

May 13th, 2015

Gabi Unleashed

Dating can be unpleasant at the best of times, depending on the guy you fall for, but dating when you're menstruating is 1,000 times worse!

Challenge #1: Finding THE perfect outfit

Leaving the house wearing anything other than jogging pants during my ladies time is almost too much to ask! Imagine when I ALSO want to impress a guy! This is usually the way it goes down: "I FEEL FAT AND I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!" Luckily, I found a jumpsuit that is as comfortable as it is cute! I just can’t go out with the same guy twice in one week, because aside from the jumpsuit I have absolutely nothing to wear! 


Challenge #2: Not letting my period pain show

It's fun when love strikes you full force, but when it's a menstrual cramp it’s… how shall I put this… less glamorous! Imagine this scenario: the guy is talking about his family who he loves more than anything – he’s clearly a keeper – when suddenly, a mega cramp hits me and my face contorts in pain…oops! And I really don’t see myself telling the guy: "Sorry… I have a menstrual cramp; it should pass in a few seconds…!"


Challenge #3: Going to the bathroom in style

I think everyone agrees with me, it's always a little embarrassing to go to the bathroom on a date because you DEFINITELY don’t want the guy to think it’s because you had to do anything other than freshen up… So the moment I have to change my pad, I try to be as fast as possible and return stealthily to the table without creating any reason for him to wonder!


Challenge #4: Ending the evening with finesse

When I’m on my period, even if I like the guy a lot, I almost go back home. So it's always awkward when it’s time to say goodnight. There are a lot of guys who don’t believe the famous apology: "I'm on my period!" And I really don’t want the guy to think I haven’t enjoyed the evening and that I’m just trying to be nice! 


If I do take the opportunity to sleep with the guy, it’s risky business because I have vampire flow – I could wake up in the morning with what appears to be a crime scene in my potential future husband’s bed!  Imagine the poor guy’s shock and panic when he wakes up to find blood all over his sheets!! In short, it’s important that I have thought about this in advance and brought along super absorbent pads or tampons! 


Ultimately, there is still an advantage to having a date while we’re menstruating: If we’re able to overcome these multiple challenges AND the guy asks us out on another date, then we’re really meant to be together! ;)

Do you plan dates when you’re on your period, or do you usually reschedule?  

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