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Homosexuality is NORMAL

March 18th, 2015

Gabi Unleashed

Homosexuality is NORMAL!

One of my good friends is mentally preparing for her coming out to her parents and she is scared to death of how they're going to take it! I'm trying to reassure her as best as I can because I can't stand seeing her like this! But it's true that society still has a ways to go before fully accepting homosexuality. And I just don't understand why, because it's NORMAL people! Don't believe me? Read this article from beginning to end! #AREYOUKIDDINGME

N – Natural

At the risk of bursting the bubble of those who believe homosexuality is a choice, more and more scientists are proving that it's something innate. It's not a disease; you're born gay! There are even scientists who talk about a homosexuality gene. Okay, even if it was a choice, it certainly shouldn't cause so many problems!! Another interesting fact: there are several species of animals (not just mammals) that have homosexual relationships. It doesn't get more natural that that!

O – Zero difference

Ok, for this letter, I cheated a little by replacing the "O" by a zero! ;) But I'd really like to know what would change if your female neighbours were a lesbian couple? Or if your male colleague has a boyfriend? Or if your sister is dating girls? AH-NOTHING! A homosexual couple and a heterosexual couple are the same darn thing!  Same issues in their lives!

R – Realistic

You have to be realistic: change takes time. And I have hope! As an example, the rights women have won took time and effort, but we got there. I suppose that the more we're exposed to difference, the more open-minded we become. Come on, a little more tolerance please!! So let's all keep working at it!

M – Worldwide (okay, flip the M upsidedown and becomes a W!) 

The debate over homosexuality is happening around the world! As the french would say: it's mondial. You only need to think about the debates against homosexual marriage in France or even the "anti-Gay" legislation in Russia! It's disturbing!! Did you know that currently only 17 countries in the world legally recognize marriage between two people of the same sex! 17 COUNTRIES! It's RI-DI-CUL-OUS!!! In the United States, only 36 (+ Washington D.C.) out of 50 states recognize marriage between two members of the same sex. Fortunately, there are people who express their anger openly, like our own Anne Dorval!

A – Advantages

Personally, I find it almost an advantage to be in a homosexual relationship. If I had a girlfriend, my wardrobe would be twice as big as it is now! Yeah, yeah, I like my boyfriend's style, but we all agree that our guy's jeans don't necessarily give us the best butt! Imagine having your wardrobe... doubled!! Okay, okay, I'm getting a little off topic…  I know it comes with its share of challenges!

L – Love

"Freedom begins where ignorance ends," said Victor Hugo (I feel so poetic!). That’s liberating! Freedom is also love - all humans wish to love and be loved. :) So at the next family dinner, talk about homosexuality with your parents and siblings to enlighten them on the above mentioned points … It's easy to fear something you don't know or understand (remember, our parents didn't grow up with a lot of friends who invited them to their coming out) so it's up to us to educate them and open their minds! ;)

To finish off, I'll leave you with an article about a new phenomenon: "bromance"! Girls, don't be surprised if you catch your totally hetero boyfriend in the middle of kissing his best buddy on the neck!

So, do you have any friends who had their coming out recently?

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