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Being single in the summer? The second best thing in the world!

June 8th, 2015

Gabi Unleashed

I've already talked to you about the fact that being single at Christmas is the best thing in the world, but you know what? The more I think about it, I kind of see the benefits to being single in the summer too!

#1 – I don't have to "endure" boys' nights spent watching hockey, football and basketball games…!

As much as I love watching a game from time to time, drinking beer and chowing down on chicken wings while surrounded by a bunch of shouting guys at my place or (worse!) in a bar, when it's beautiful and warm out, is beyond me! Even if the Habs are now out of the game, the Stanley Cup is not over, and that's just for hockey!! Being a single gal, I can take full advantage of more intimate restaurants with my girlfriends, have a themed picnic in the park or indulge in a mellow wine and cheese evening on my (cosy) terrasse!

#2 – I have a big bed all to myself and I sleep like a baby!

As much as I'd sometimes love to have a human hot water bottle in my bed in the winter, in the summer, the opposite goes for me! All the guys I've been with give off crazy heat when they sleep. No way am I going to have that in my bed - even queen size – when we’re talkin’ 30 degrees! I’m too much into rolling over onto the cool side of the bed in the middle of the night and carrying out the regular pillow rotation! ;)

#3 – I can openly check out guys on the beach - guilt-free!

Apart from when I went to Cuba at the beginning of the year, I didn't have too much opportunity to feast my eyes on handsome guts this winter. I have to say that the big puffy coats aren't exactly drop-dead alluring. So summer rolls around and I need a little recovery time, so I check out everything that moves. What's funny is that my non-single friends want to check out the action just as much as I do, but they feel really guilty… So in the end what they do is use the excuse of having to keep their eyes open for me - for my cause!... I love that! 

#4 – I can take advantage of the specials and take a roadtrip whenever I please

I have the impression that for couples, taking two days of vacation to go on a roadtrip to Maine over a four-day weekend is beyond challenging: there's always one of the two who can't go. It gets even worse when you try to organize something with several couples… in the end, we always end up taking vacation on official holiday weekends, getting stuck in major traffic at customs, both going there AND coming back, and we don't spend so much time on-site. Being single, I leave when I want and I can therefore take advantage of bus and car-rental specials and all that jazz!

#5 – I spend much less time primping for dates

In the winter, you need to think about several layers: the underwear layer, the clothing layer, the coat layer and (and here's the worst part!) the shoe layer (going out for dinner with my big winter boots is so wrong but cramming my  sexy heels in a small - cute - shoe bag doesn't exactly work either!). And don't even get me started on the sub-layer of makeup so I can look a little more vibrant than a corpse! What do summer layers look like? Lingerie + easy, flowy dress + sandals + light makeup and you're good to go – in a lot less time!

Basically, I'm starting to think I like being single too much to hook up and be in a couple!!!

Can you think of other benefits to being single in the summer?

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