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All Types of Sexual Partners: the Best, the Worst and the Most Awkward

November 9th, 2016

Gabi Unleashed

Whether we’re talkin’ about a one night stand or a more stable relationship, we see all kinds when we’re in the market for a relationship. Check out our top-20 list of all the different types of sexual relationships we could very well experience while we’re single. ;)

1- The Drunken Party Encounter

This relationship is kind of a classic. We’ve probably all been there at some point already. Often the first sexual relationship ends in heartbreak. So what happens next? Oh, you know how it goes. You go out to a bar, get a little hammered, and then pick up someone in the same state. Unfortunately, we’re more often disappointed than pleasantly surprised!  

2- The All-About-Me Relationship

You know when you feel the orgasm coming, and your partner has already had his/hers, rolls onto his/her side and falls asleep right away…

3- The Quickie

Oh well, 5 minutes, it’s better than last time you know… :P

4- The Open-to-the-World Relationship

Whether it’s us or our partner who is travelling, someone with an accent is always sexy! What’s more, he or she can open us up to other cultures (oh yeah)!

5- The Maternal Relationship

You wake up the next morning and his or her mom brings us breakfast in bed… all that while asking for the name of the new girlfriend (also known as us…). #Awkward

6- The Athletic Relationship

When strength and agility come together, it can only be a good thing! ;)

7- The Lover Relationship

A little tenderness is always nice, but COME ON! There are LIMITS to always being asked if you like this better than that, if the temperature is comfortable, if you’re a bit hungry… just shut up and do me!!

8- The Mature Relationship

You know, a few extra years of experience can really spice things up a bit! ;)

9- The I’m-Already-in-a-Relationship Relationship

And unfortunately, the way we discover this important piece of info is often on Facebook – the morning after! :(

10- The Just-Friends Relationship

We all have a friend we like a lot but that we’ve kind of put in the friend zone. And no one is 100% bullet-proof when it comes to drinking too much one evening, getting a little carried away, sleeping with that friend, and then, the next morning, feeling totally awkward and uncomfortable!

11- The Experimental Relationship

When our partner does totally weird things on the spur of the moment and you’re like WTF, but in the end, you think, pretty cool! ;)

12- The Glued-to-the-TV Relationship

I admit that sometimes my head isn’t 100% there when we’re doing it but NEVER to the point of watching TV at the same time! Robin Scherbatsky, leave this body! 

13- The Relationship with Mr. or Ms. Busy

Ok, literally five minutes after having sex, our partner tells us that tomorrow they have a big day, so just take the $20 next to the microwave and call a cab…

14- The Disappointing Relationship

Always totally disappointing when the next day we realize that his/her roommate is actually much more our type! :P

15- The Bisexual Relationship

This experience forces us out of our comfort zone more than just a little! :P

16- TheOut of my League Relationship

As in, throughout the entire act of love-making, you’re pinching yourself and saying to yourself “OMG! How on earth did I ever end up with such a babe?”! 

17- The Secret Relationship

Secret hookups, a little text here and there… what could be more exciting? ;)  

18- The Virgin Relationship

A little shocking when we’re expecting a hot and heavy night when finally our partner ends up being a virgin! #DamnIt

19- The Mysterious Relationship

It’s the type of partner we see a few times and that we could say is an asshole but she/she always manages to do little things that just take our breath away. For example, every time we wake up the next morning, he/she has already left – so frustrating – but there’s a cute little note on the pillow saying something like “Thank you for that amazing evening! See you soon!” - Grrrrr / Awwww. 

20- The Future Relationship

This is the type of partner you want to keep. Good in bed, your type physically, kind... Basically, you go for it! ;)

Maybe you’ll try out all these types of relationships or only a few, but remember that being single has its good and bad parts! ;)

What types of relationships have you experienced?

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